Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Oh my goodness! I am so happy that it is Friday today!! I'm linking up with April, Christina, Darci, and Natasha for Five on Friday to share some of my favorite things. 

I am loving the red velvet waffle at Terrace Cafe. Charlotte girls - if you have not had this you absolutely have to try it immediately! We ordered this to share with the table for brunch last weekend and it was utterly amazing. 

Even though I am missing having time at home, I am loving being back at school with my kiddos this week. I have definitely missed these silly kiddos over the break. Our class recently got a grant funded, so we have lots to look forward to this semester. 

I'm loving paper loaf pans. I picked 12 of these up for about $8 recently to bake mini loaves of bread for our neighbors. How cute are they? Perfect for gifting. I found ours at HomeGoods but they are also available on Etsy.

I'm loving our home and keeping it clean. Something about home ownership makes me want to clean something every day...even the microwave. In Hoboken, we had hardwoods so we bought a Mint robot sweeper/mop. Its been in its box while we were in our Charlotte apartment but finally made a debut in our house this week. Riley was not amused.

I'm loving that the weater is supposed to be in the sixties this weekend. This is so welcome after a 7 degree day on Tuesday. Especially since my car just happened to break down in the complete middle of nowhere - fifty minutes from the closest dealership. Brr!

Happy Friday, friends! Have a fabulous weekend


  1. Man, that waffle looks GOOD! :)

  2. Haha i think my dogs would freak out if we had one of those robot sweepers. It might give them exercise chasing it though!
    And dear goodness that waffle... i need one in my belly right now. Terrace Cafe might be on the brunch menu this weekend!

  3. Found you through the link-up. We recently relocated to Charlotte from DC and the Terrace Cafe was the first place we went for brunch when we were house hunting and I got the red velvet waffle. It is so amazingly delicious and worth every single calorie. : ) Happy weekend!

  4. Want to come clean my house? Cause it has certainly lost its luster. Maybe we need to move. ;)

  5. Would you believe I've never tried that waffle!? It always seemed like too much to commit to, so I love the idea of sharing it with the table.

    I got Ian a Roomba for Christmas and today is the first day we're using it ... I'm listening to it do its thing as I type this!

  6. I love terrace cafe!! :) They have some amazing lattes too. If you go in that same shopping center, Cast Iron Waffles is to-die-for! And it's way more affordable than Terrace Cafe. You can eat a waffle with nutella and strawberries...heaven! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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