Monday, January 6, 2014

Our New Year's Eve Soiree

Happy 2014 girls! Things have been pretty busy around here as we got settled into our new home, hosted a party, hosted family for a quick visit, and prepared for me to go back to work today. I thought my husband was a little crazy back in late November when he decided we should throw a New Year's Eve/Housewarming party just ten days after we officially moved in. Especially since we were traveling to New Jersey for Christmas.

Somehow we pulled it off and entertained fifteen of our close friends and were able to show off our new home. And I only ended up slightly sleep deprived.

I decided not to go too overboard with the decorations since I'd been unpacking and hanging pictures around the clock for days. I did purchase and print this New Year's banner from Etsy and hung it above the fireplace.

 Purchasing a bar for our sunroom is on a very long list of house to-do's so for the party, I set up a little bar on the countertop. Of course, I added some festive paper straws to make everyone's cocktail extra cute.

There are so many cheesy New Year's paperware items so I stuck to simple gold with some festive cocktail napkins.

I cooked pretty much all day (and the evening before) to prepare lots of yummy treats for our guests. The number one treat were the Oreo cheesecake bites pictured above. 

Lots of fun was had by all. 

How fun it was to host our first party in our new home. 

No iPhone photos in this post. Did I forget to mention I got a new camera for Christmas? My husband is amazing!


  1. I love your little cocktail straws and napkins! So adorable and festive!

  2. You are a rockstar!!!! I would have never signed up for all that! Looks amazing and can't wait to see more house pictures! Congrats on a great start to the new year!!! Did I give you access to the blog? I can't remember. Respond to this comment with your email if not.

  3. Looks so fun!! kudos to you for moving in and being able to pull that all off!

  4. Ahh, how fun!! You are making me extraaaaa hungry!! The food looks so delicious!! Love that last picture of you two! :) Congrats!!!!

  5. All the food looks delicious! Glad you had a great move/New Years!

  6. Fun! You look great, let's see some house pics!!!

  7. Very cute and looks like a bunch of fun!

  8. Looks so nice - I'm glad you're all settled. My sister actually hosted my engagement party the day AFTER we moved into our last apartment - it does force you to unpack rather quickly!
    - Catherine

  9. Sometimes having a deadline like a party, forces you to get a lot done, haha!

    The party looks like a great success! I love the little bowl that the limes are in by your bar set up!


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