Monday, April 21, 2014

Refreshed {Florida Recap}

Your eyes are not deceiving you - there actually is a post coming from this little blog this morning. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably gathered that I've been on vacation.  Last Friday, Corey picked me up at work promptly at 2:30 and we headed down to Naples, Florida to visit his parents. It was a loooong drive and we didn't arrive until the wee hours of the morning but once we did there was nothing but relaxation, which is exactly what I've needed lately.

My days pretty much looked like this every day.

I broke out all of my pool/beach gear and got a little natural sun. Maybe even enough to give my Tan Towels a break for a week or so.

How gorgeous is this photo? The weather was warmer than when we went last year so I feel like I got to enjoy the beach more. 

Of course lots of quality time was spent with my sweet husband, who I feel like I haven't seen in ages even though we live together due to lots and lots and lots of meetings and after-hours work commitments lately. 

Many cocktails were sipped. My favorites were the pineapple pictured above and a Key Lime martini. Yum.

I even spent a little time driving the cart while Corey golfed. The thought of pink clubs is making me consider taking some golf lessons of my own.

Most of all, it was really nice to get away for a week, to sleep until 9:00 every morning, sip coffee on the lanai, kiss on my husband, catch up with my mother in law and father in law, meet up with some of my own family in the area, and not even attempt to connect my work iPad to the internet. 

Oh yeah, and Riley came too to do some relaxing of his own.


  1. Sounds like the perfect vacation to me! Glad you got to get away.

  2. I want to take golf lessons of my own too! I definitely need some pink clubs...

  3. Gah! Love the pool in the screen! So fun!

  4. That martini looks delish! Glad yall had a great time :)


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