Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Love Affair with a Chair

Ever since we moved into our home in December, I have had a new obsession with accent chairs. In our teeny tiny Hoboken apartment we had little room for any furniture but the basics so I am especially enjoying this aspect of decorating our new home.

My favorite accent chairs adorn our sunroom. I loved them ever since I saw them online a year and a half ago but didn't think I would be able to convince my husband to let me purchase them for a dominant space in our home. I thought he wouldn't like the fabric-covered buttons. It turned out, though, that Corey actually really liked them. Why? They brought the perfect touch of modern and fun to an otherwise traditional linen tufted chair.

Each button is covered in a different fabric. This is so neat because no two chairs are exactly the same. I love what a statement an accent chair can make and how much they can really brighten a room. This is my favorite space to sit and drink coffee in the mornings. Riley is also completely obsessed with this space. 

In an effort to help promote One Kings Lane's statement chair campaign, I wanted to share with you my favorite accent chair from our home.  One Kings Lane's A Complete Guide to Modern Chairs is a great resource for how to style statement chairs in your home and has really inspired me to think outside the box. I have now moved along to search for the perfect chair for our home office.

Looking for home decor inspiration? Check out One Kings Lane's Resource Guide. Or get an invitation to shop the deals here.


  1. Those buttons are super cute!

  2. Those buttons are so adorable. I actually have never seen anything like them..is that weird?! haha They are such a perfect touch, I also love the chairs! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  3. Love those chairs - they are the perfect mix of traditional and eclectic!

  4. LOVE those chairs- and your blog! Super happy to be your newest follower!

  5. Such a cute detail on those chairs. Lovely.

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