Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Anthro Obsession

I've had a love for Anthropologie for quite a while now but clothes shopping recently has taken a back seat to home decor shopping. Really, I've done quite well taming my closet since we decided to purchase and build our home last year.

Now, the home decor is nearly complete (or at least for the time being), and I've had an itch to update my closet. I haven't even dared to set foot into Antro for months. Then, my friend showed up to happy hour at my house wearing this shirt...
I, of course, immediately fell in love. It was such an Elizabeth top. She told me she agreed and really encouraged me to head into the store to try it on as well. With her blessing, I planned to do just that. Then, as I walked through the door, an associate was just putting out the top below.

Swoon. As I meandered around the store, searching for the top I came in for, my arms soon became heavy with all kinds of gorgeous things to try on. See below.

It's the back of this top that really has the wow factor. How perfect for a Friday happy hour.

Calculating my month's TpT commissions (read: expendable income, no questions asked by hubs), I decided which pieces were necessities. Then, on the way out, I laid my eyes on this baby...

Aren't the lace sleeves just perfect? With all of the lace and peplum, Anthro is really after my heart this season. It is safe to say I am obsessed!

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