Friday, September 25, 2015

Bumpdate: Weeks 14-17

How far along? 17 weeks (as of this past Saturday when the picture was taken) 

Weight gain: about 4 pounds but I sure feel like it is more. 

Cravings: I had been craving sweets way too frequently! Someone brought in hot Krispy Kremes to work a couple weeks ago and before the day was over, I believe I had eaten three. Now, it's switched back to more veggies and salads thankfully. Pizza is pretty much a constant craving as well but I prefer grandma pizzas from one specific restaurant here in Charlotte. 

Anything making me nauseas/queasy? I have been feeling pretty good. I will have random moments where I am unbelievably queasy but then it will pass after a couple minutes. 

Stretch marks: Not yet. Applying my Bio Oil and Belly Butter like it is my job. 

Maternity clothes: Belly bands are a must if I want to wear pants. I finally caved and bought a couple pairs of maternity pants but don't need tops at all yet. I'm wearing dresses every day that I can until the weather gets cooler. 

Wedding rings on/off: On. 

Sleep: It hasn't been so great recently! I am still completely, utterly exhausted. I was led to believe this would be better by now. I've also been having really bizarre, vivid dreams. Some aren't even pregnancy-related but they are exhausting. Learning to sleep on my side is hard as well. I got a snoogle, which helps me get comfy when I'm headed to bed each night but in my sleep I constantly try to get out of it. 

Movement: Not yet! 

Gender: We know but aren't announcing just yet!

Symptoms: Exhaustion, bigger boobs that are tender, some mood swings. 

Best moment this month: When we found out the gender. We just wanted a healthy baby but it is so much more real to know now. The experience of finding out was really fun because we went to a private place and they gave us so many pictures and a little video and took so much time with us to give us information about our baby.

Worst moment this month: I've been so moody the past two weeks. The other night, Riley jumped up on me while I was wearing pajama pants I've had since college and they ripped all the way down the leg. I cried for at least 30 minutes. I just could not pull myself together. I knew it was irrational but long days at work, Corey traveling, not sleeping well, and crazy hormones has put me in this state of exhausted deliriousness. 

Looking forward to: My anatomy scan in two weeks and getting started on baby's nursery or at least collecting items for it. I'm also in need of crib recommendations. Of course I am in love with one from PB Kids but don't know if it is wise to spend so much on something that will be used for just a short time. Anyone have a crib for their little one that they just love? 


  1. Ohh that's exciting you know the gender!!! We got the Kendall crib from pbk and got it when it was on sale then they were running a 20% off one item too. I think we paid in the low 300's. I think that was a good deal, and we will be using it twice I would think.

  2. Not that I'm pregnant, but whenever that happens for us, I have it set in my mind to get one of those cribs that can convert into a kids bed. That way, if you do have to spend a bit on it, it's justified since they'll use that for several years.

  3. I LOVE the PBK cribs, but do some research. I found the book Baby Bargains to be really helpful; they rate all different brands of baby furniture (and everything else you'll need for baby too!). We ended up getting ours from Babies R Us (although I hate that store and it was SUCH a headache). It's Baby Italia Parkland...which I love, but don't recommend ordering through BRU.


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