Thursday, September 3, 2015

Current Obsessions

Nude Polishes
This summer I have skipped my usual bright hues for more muted, softer ones. I'm still wearing the bright brights on my toes but my favorite summer polishes for my nails this year have been Tuck it in my Tux and Ballet Slippers (an oldie but a goodie). I also recently picked up Essie's Gel Setter topcoat and am just loving it so far. My at home manis are lasting at least 7 days without even the tiniest of chips. Sometimes, even longer. I can't wait to see what this does for my darker, fall hues.

White Kitchens

As we continue the never ending house hunt, I continue my love of white kitchens. I'm obsessed with my current kitchen that I designed when we built our home in 2013. It's making me a real estate snob. Finding a kitchen that tops ours is so much harder than I thought it would be. After viewing what feels like 1,000 houses, I can say that Charlotte has a lot of ugly kitchens and I sure do wish  more of them looked like the one above.  

Lauren James
I found this designer last fall on Instagram but didn't order anything until this spring. My absolute favorite pieces are this dress, this one, and this bikini I sported all summer. We won't talk about how much money I spent there throughout the spring but all my pieces have gotten a ton of wear and I just can't wait to see what Lauren James does for the fall.

21 Day Fix Extreme and Piyo
I cannot tell you how much these programs have changed my fitness routine...for the better. I now work out at home most days and am done in the time I used to spend traveling to and from the gym after work.  I have always loved being active but my energy level completely changed about a year ago and I just find myself totally exhausted after work. 30 minutes at home is always do-able though and the workouts are intense. I just started coaching for Beachbody after being pretty successful with the 21 Day fix and am about to start another round (my third). If anyone is up to join me, I'd love some workout buddies so we all stay motivated. 


  1. I'm right there with ya on the white kitchen obsession. The kitchen in my parents house is white and i've dreamed of having one of my own since I was little. maybe one day :) good luck on the house hunt!

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