Friday, September 4, 2015

Party of Three

After three years of marriage, Corey and I are so excited to share that we are expanding our family. Baby W is set to arrive in late February/early March 2016! 

I'm so excited to share more details soon. But, since it is Five on Friday today and I haven't linked up in ages and ages, I'll share five quick little facts now.

1. We are due February 27th. And I'm just hoping Baby doesn't come on Leap Day.
2. I am currently a little over 14 weeks along and into my second trimester.
3. We aren't scheduled to find out the gender until the first week of October and I am just dying to go to a private ultrasound place and know sooner! Did anyone do this? What was your experience?
4. All grandparents are just thrilled!
5. Corey and I are super excited ourselves!! 


  1. Congratulations!! What sweet pictures!

  2. Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!! xx

  3. Congratulations love! We are due right around the same time as I am due March 1st. Last ultrasound baby was measuring about a week ahead. My practice scheduled our anatomy ultrasound scheduled for September 28th! I thought they would schedule it for later but I am not going to question it. Maybe you can just call and try to push the appointment up?

  4. congratulations! I love the photos and I am so happy for you and your family!

  5. Congratulations!! Welcome to the baby bump club! It's such a special time in your life - enjoy every second of your growing little bundle of sweetness! :)

    I had an early ultrasound at a private ultrasound place (not my doctor's office) at 15 weeks (but almost 16 weeks) and they were correct. I wasn't really convinced until my doctor's office, but everything should be pretty clear by that point. :)

  6. Congratulations!!! How exciting! Love these beautiful pictures!

    xoxo A

  7. I did an early private sono to find our the gender and loved it. We have tons of pics, a video and it was so relaxing and private.

  8. Congratulations!!!!! We were able to find out we were having a boy at 14 weeks at our regular ultrasound appt. We weren't planning to find out that day but she could already tell so she told us :) I am so impatient, I would have probably gone to a private place and had one done had they not been able to tell. It just makes it so much more real when you know "what" is in there! I am so happy for y'all! Can't wait to follow along! xO

  9. I'm SO happy for yall!! I went with my friend Sarah last week to Lake Norman 3D imaging and it was so nice. I highly recommend. They told her when she was 13 weeks.


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