Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Thoughts on a Tuesday

Well, friends, I have about a half dozen posts halfway finished that just need a little tweaking before I can publish them. But....seeing as how I want to go to bed almost immediately upon getting home from work everyday, I haven't gotten around to the tweaking. So, I think for today, we will just do one of those stream of consciousness type posts. Here's what's been on my mind lately.

I have had at least three people tell me how small I am for 18 weeks within the last week or so. So now Corey and I are totally paranoid about how much weight I am gaining and if I am in fact, the right size for how far along I am. My doctor said everything looked great at the last appointment and baby was measuring right where he/she (see how I almost slipped up there?) should be for the time. So, I would really feel a whole lot better if people would just mind their business.

For many weeks of my pregnancy I've been pretty emotional and would cry at the drop of a hat. Recently, I've been getting irrationally angry for no real reason. Not necessarily at people, but just angry at situations. For example, I pulled into my driveway the other day and the way Corey had parked left me so little room to get out of my car. Never mind the half way finished patio furniture awaiting a final coat of stain and polyurethane that has been sitting in my space inside the garage for the past two, er, three months. I was just steaming by the time I got my things out of the car at the driveway. Why couldn't it just be six tiny inches wider?!

I feel so guilty for sweet Riley who has been stuck inside for what feels like ever since it has been raining nonstop in Charlotte lately. It seems like the only time it isn't raining is when we are at work and he's stuck inside anyway by himself. Poor guy. Here's a little photo for your viewing pleasure of him snuggling the Snuggle pregnancy pillow. He does this each morning when I get in the shower.

I finally updated my phone and actually have enough memory on my new one for it to work properly. So happy to have essential apps like Yelp, Google Maps, Uber, and Joss and Main functioning again. Life really is so much easier when you have access to Google Maps.

The house that almost was (then wasn't) has also been on my mind a lot. Corey and I have looked at so many houses (dozens), bid on three, won only one bid, then lost a house three weeks before closing following its inspections. At this point, I now want to stay in our current home for all eternity. And I believe that is what we will be doing for the immediate future, at least until baby is here and we are adjusted and my emotions are more in control. What a heart-wrenching process house shopping is in this market.

I had a coffee and brunch date with some of my sorority sisters who live in town this past weekend. We try to do this every now and then but sometimes things just get busy. I have to say I am super lucky that I have two girls I was close with from my own pledge class in my own chapter at Furman who live just a couple minutes from me now. Girls brunches are just the best.

I get pictures and letters from my sweet littles at school all the time but this is my absolute favorite from work this year so far. I found it on my desk one morning recently when I got to school.

And that's all for today, friends. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hang in there. The emotions are normal, then anger is normal, the weight thing, yeah people need to mind their own business. I did not gain much until 23 weeks! And I only gained like 17 pounds in all, so you do what you know is right for you and your doctor will tell you if its not ok.

  2. Ahh ignore people who comment about how you look while pregnant. Just listen to your doc! I didn't gain hardly any weight so I bugged the doc every time asking is the baby ok?!?! One of my friends told me while I was pregnant that this was the start of worrying the rest of our lives being a parent. It's worth it though! :)

  3. My dogs have been miserable lately too. The poor things have so much energy but can't run around thanks to this awful weather. I'm ready for sunshine!
    Also dont pay attention to what people say! Everyone has an opinion about everything while you're pregnant and as long as your doctor says everything is fine then your golden!

  4. I am sure you are doing great taking care of baby the best you can. I have been irrationally worried about my weight gain as well (worried about gaining too much). I found that I can track my weight through my pregnancy app Oviva and it creates a trend line showing if I am on track with my weight. It has helped ease my mind a bit. However, every body is different when it comes to pregnancy!!


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