Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Intentions

Lately things have been very busy. At work this year there is a lot more on our plates due to new accountability regulations in education, accompanying paperwork, district and school initiatives, etc. I'm stretched pretty thin then combined with being pregnant, I'm just exhausted. Completely worn out and feeling a little run down. This has me counting the days until February when I will get a break and get to focus on Baby W instead of savoring this time our lives. I want to try to be more intentional with my time and enjoy this season without just rushing through it. 

Enjoy a nonfat PSL every Friday...but not every day. Basic, but sometimes it's looking forward to the simple things that gets us through the day.

Finally have the interior of our home painted. We've been putting this off forever but since we are now putting the house hunt on hold, I'm going to focus more on some unfinished projects here.

Watch football with friends as often as possible. We've put a dent in that one the past couple weeks and I made my favorite chunky guacamole for the Clemson/GA Tech game.

Take Riley on lots of walks during his last months as an "only child."

Host Thanksgiving and spend the Holidays with our families.

Celebrate homecoming and my five year reunion with some close friends and sorority sisters in Greenville.

Cook a soup a week. Really just cook once a week.

Leave work at work. The world never stopped because a set of papers didn't get graded. It isn't fair to let it spill over so much into my home life, time with Corey, and time to care for myself.

Stand up for myself more and say no when I need to. No, I really can't take on an extra project at work or volunteer for a committee for my other obligations this year. And no, it is not reasonable to expect me being pregnant to only take one restroom break a day. No, no, no. 

Give my heart and energy to my classroom of littles at work...during my day at work. Leaving these guys for three months during the middle of the year is going to be tough for the control freak in me, but we can learn and do so much right now.

Make pumpkin pie dip, pumpkin bread, ooey gooey pumpkin butter cake, and all my favorite pumpkin desserts this season.

Celebrate mine and Corey's birthdays.

Prepare Baby Walen's nursery.

Find more time for myself. This is the biggest in this season we are in right now. I feel like I work, work more, commute, eat dinner, sleep, and then repeat and that is it all week long. I need to schedule in more time for meaningful, intentional workouts, drinking more water, taking bubble baths (not too hot, though, don't worry), and time with Corey and my friends during the week. 

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  1. A bath will be your saving grace 3rd trimester... And so glad you are taking time for yourself. It will be so hard once the baby is here.


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