Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas in our Home

I have been in such the Christmas spirit this year. Even before Thanksgiving. I am just too giddy that for all the Christmases to come there will be a little girl in our home to share them with. This time next year there will be four stockings on our mantle - of course you know Riley has one of his own!

I love Christmas but I don't do it super big. I just like a beautiful tree, a beautiful table, and lots of little touches around the house. Outside, we just do wreathes on the front windows and candles at night.

My mom made a gorgeous wreath for my front door several years ago and I purchased an adorable wooden reindeer from the side of the road on my way back from HomeGoods a couple weeks ago. He now sits by the front door next to my dead mums that I completely failed to replace with anything Christmas-y. Its been warm in Charlotte but rainy so I didn't venture outside to take photos of our outdoor decor.  

Inside, we have stockings hung from the mantle and a couple decorations beside the fireplace. I really need to do a garland on the mantle and intend to each year and just never get around to it. Next year, perhaps.

I enjoy a few little touches downstairs.

Our tree is in our sunroom, which I love. It is so pretty there, especially from the kitchen and dining room. I made the bow topper last year and bought this tree skirt to replace one I used last year that had absolutely nothing wrong with it. I just couldn't help myself. Reindeer are my favorite and I did snag it on cyber Monday on sale.

All my gifts were purchased and wrapped before December 1st. That is a Christmas miracle because I am usually a procrastinator.

I picked up a table runner at Homegoods. I have been looking for the perfect one for several years and really love this one. Right now, I still have our regular linen placemats out and will switch them to silver chargers after breakfast on Christmas days.

I made the centerpiece from florals from Hobby Lobby, a box of cranberries from the Pottery Barn outlet several years ago, and crystal trees from Target. The votives were a gift several years ago. Because our downstairs is so open, a smaller, lower centerpiece works best.

Upstairs, I keep it very simple by just changing out the throw pillow on each bed. I found these at Nordstrom Rack last year.

In our guest room, I added a little white Santa for on top of the vintage desk that my grandmother gave me.

My sweet neighbor bought a mini tree for her daughter's nursery and sent one over to me as well. It has been so fun to decorate it and see it in baby girl's room each day. This is also the only natural tree I've ever had so I've been carefully nurturing it to be sure it doesn't die before Christmas. 

These decorations combined with some cinnamon vanilla scented wax for my Scentsy and a few Christmas candles is how we do the Holidays in our home. 

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