Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Entertaining with Wine Chateau

I think it is safe to say that I love wine. In my opinion, there is little else that tops a glass of red wine while snuggled on the couch at the end of the day. This is just the epitome of contentment and relaxation. When Wine Chateau, an upscale online wine shop, asked that I do a review for them, I completely jumped on the opportunity.

I have been very intrigued by online wine shops and clubs for some time. The idea of having wine shipped right to my door is just so appealing and convenient. And what a great way to try different types. I was so happy to try out this service. However, immediately after committing to the review, I learned I was pregnant and would clearly not be partaking in as much of the wine sampling as I originally thought.

Wine Chateau asked that I send them a recipe I enjoyed cooking and offered to pair it with some of their selections from their shop. I sent along this recipe for chicken marsala from the Food Network. It is one of mine and Corey's favorites to make and such a crowd pleaser when entertaining.

Wine Chateau sent a box of three bottles of wine. You do need to show proof of age and be present to sign for the box since it contains alcohol. I always wondered how that worked with online wine clubs. This would be the biggest deterrent for me with my work schedule but when Corey isn't traveling, he works from our home so he was there to sign for the box with no trouble at all.

I received three bottles of red selections. I think red wine goes well with marsala but at first thought it was very bold of Wine Chateau to not include a white for this chicken dish. However, they knew exactly what they were doing because the selections paired perfectly and were all delicious.

Even at first glance, I was impressed because the bottles passed my initial test right away - no fake corks and no twist off tops. I really hate how so many wines, even nicer ones, are switching to these. Real corks just make so much better of an impression so I was really pleased with this. No skimping in the cork department.

We invited a few friends over for the evening and served a salad and crusty rosemary bread from our bread machine to accompany the chicken marsala. Everyone was so pleased with the wine selections for the evening. I was able to have a few sips and already plan to reorder the Pinot Noir and Cabernet in the photo above towards the end of my pregnancy to build up a post-baby stash. It was such a fun way to try a few different wines we had not tried before and was perfect for entertaining. Placing a regular order also eliminates that last minute run to your local wine shop or Wine and More when expecting friends for dinner.  I highly recommend giving Wine Chateau a try for the convenience and selection. 

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