Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bumpdate: 31 to 34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks. Only 6 to go! From the photo above, you can see I've gotten to the point where I'm often too tired to fix my hair in the mornings. 

Weight gain: Right at 20 pounds and I don't want to talk about it!

Cravings: Ice cream (hence the weight gain), peanut butter, fresh fruit, Fage Greek yogurt - but only the kind where you mix the fruit in separately. 

Anything making me nauseas/queasy? Not at all!

Stretch marks: Not yet. Still applying Bio Oil and Belly Butter at least twice daily. 

Belly button: Still in but just barely. And if I've just eaten anything, it's only 3/4 in. 

I had to throw in this photo, also at 34 weeks, because my belly looks enormous. I wore this to work and one of my coworkers asked if I was sure I wasn't having twins! Even Riley was staring at me like he didn't know what to think of my giant bump.

Wedding rings: On but barely. I will cry when I can't wear them anymore and I know that day is coming. 

Maternity clothes: Yes. Aside from a few long tunics, Pikos, and flowy dresses, I am wearing exclusively maternity clothes. Piko tunics have been a life saver and I did order a few last things from Pink Blush a couple weeks ago to see me through to the end. 

Sleep: Hit or miss still. I need about three restroom breaks at night and am just uncomfortable. Corey says the worst part of me being pregnant has been seeing me become so uncomfortable in the last few weeks. Bless his heart. 

Exercise: Walking and that is pretty much it. 

33 weeks

Movement: Yes! And it is finally noticeable from the outside. She is still most active at night. You can also see the movement from the outside. Every night her bottom goes straight up on my lower right side and you can see her moving and shifting positions. It is pretty cute. 

Gender: Girl! This was confirmed once again during an ultrasound. More about that below. 

Symptoms: Exhaustion, bigger boobs, low back pain, some hip pain and swelling if I've been standing too long, crazy emotions. I literally burst out crying over my omelet at The Flying Biscuit when I tried to tell Corey how one of my students shared that Santa doesn't come to their house. 

Best moment this month: The Holidays! Also, seeing Baby Girl on an ultrasound. We'd planned to do a 3D one at Christmas since my practice only does them at 10 and 20 weeks. We ended up not going but had to have an unexpected one at the doctor's office. All was ok and it was sweet to see her one more time on the inside. 

32 weeks 

Worst moment this month: At my 30 week checkup, Baby was measuring small. I was seeing one of the less informative doctors at my practice. He went back and looked at my blood work, sugar test results, weight gain, previous measurements, etc. and then said we would remeasure at my next appointment and might need to do a growth scan to check her. Then, he was off. Looking back at it now, I think he was just telling me the plan and not trying to worry me but it felt like he was telling me something was wrong with the way my baby was growing. Corey couldn't be at that appointment because he was traveling for work and I was the last appointment of the day. I think I sat in the parking lot and cried for almost an hour. I called my mom, who is a nurse, and she said they would have checked right away if they had been concerned and my dad said our family just had small babies. Then, I just cried harder because I felt like they weren't taking me seriously enough. Then I called Corey, who was out of town literally about to walk into a meeting with a huge prospective client. And I cried harder from guilt for crying to him and worrying him before his meeting. Then, we went for my follow-up appointment and saw a different doctor and he was not concerned in the slightest but did still let us do the growth scan anyway to put our minds at ease so we could see her one last time before her arrival.

31 weeks 

Looking forward to: Baby showers and our mini babymoon that we will be enjoying when this publishes.

A few thoughts: I am so grateful that I have had a fairly easy pregnancy. I'm a little uncomfortable now but both baby girl and I are healthy and happy. It's hard to believe our lives are about to change forever in just six short weeks. It is really surreal to be at this point, especially when less than a year ago we were warned about fertility challenges. Up until about 20 weeks, I never really let myself imagine being this far along. Now, we have a name and an almost finished nursery. Freshly washed baby clothes n Dreft and will be completing our hospital pre-registration this coming weekend. We just have a few more necessities to pick up like diapers, a monitor, a swing, and most importantly a car seat. We'll wait until after my showers at the end of the month and then get what's left. We are so very excited!

Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Intentions

It's hard to believe it is 2016. All week long at work we've been pretending it is 1774 and we are colonists preparing for the Revolution so I haven't had many opportunities to write it down yet. I don't really do "resolutions." Life sometimes throws the unexpected at you and it's hard to anticipate how you'll handle something you didn't know what coming on January 1st. I do have some intentions. That is, things I intend to make a conscious effort to try to do throughout the year.

I intend to focus my energy on a healthy, happy baby girl. This is pretty obvious but probably the most important thing on our minds right now and I can't even begin to count the number of reviews we've read on baby care products, articles on baby safety or development, infant play, etc.  Lots of time is spent preparing for this little lady and I know she will be our biggest focus this year. My intention is to enjoy every minute of that.

I intend to focus more energy on my husband. I do focus on him now and enjoy doing small things for him to make life easier or leaving a sweet note to let him know I was thinking of him, that I love him, or how grateful I am for him. But, I know with the changes coming to our household he will be stressed. I'll be home with Baby during maternity leave, which leaves him to be the main provider for our family. 

I intend to re-commit to Beachbody and my fitness. I've always really enjoyed fitness and Beachbody was really my salvation when my schedule changed and I needed something that was a good fit but more flexible. I was right at my peak with it when I found out I was pregnant and have been doing less and less with each passing week. Fitness is important to me and I really want to get back into a routine.

I intend to focus more on a completely selfish way. Throughout the past year, I really feel like I have lost so much of the parts of myself and my day-to-day life that made me happy. I am happy with my marriage and with Baby Girl but not always with myself. Things I enjoy doing for me have had to be pushed aside as I had more commitments at home and more commitments at work. I had to let go of a lot of extra things I did just for fun to make time for the new meetings and programs that are now mandated at work and I really intend to find time to squeeze back in more things I enjoy for ME. 

I intend to say "no" more. I actually started with this intention upon finding out I was pregnant and am starting to feel more comfortable with it. I intend to say "no" when I've been at work for ten hours already and am asked to do just one more thing. I intend to say "no" when I'm voluntold to do something on a Saturday. I intend to say "no" when I'm pressured to do anything that takes time away from my family beyond what is necessary.

I intend to take a big vacation, or at least several smaller ones, with my husband this year. We haven't done a big trip since our honeymoon (three and a half years ago!) and that makes me so sad. His down time from work is winter and mine is summer so those three months I have off from teaching are his busiest time. But this year, we are going somewhere!

I intend to stress less. I feel like such a ball of anxiety lately. There is always more to be done than there is time to do it. Yet, I always get it done somehow at the expense of something else. The world will not end if last week's vocabulary test doesn't get sent home in this week's signed papers or if I don't ever remember to return those booties in the trunk of my car to Zappos. Yet, I get major anxiety over those type things. I bought a shelf for Baby Girl's nursery and didn't like it. When I realized I missed the return deadline, I was literally in tears. Restoration Hardware does NOT have a flexible return policy, FYI. Corey put it all in perspective when he said it was a beautiful shelf and was there not anywhere else we could possibly use it. Well there was, and I had literally stressed about the waste of money for two days. As if the we would foreclose on our home because I didn't get it to the post office in time. 

I intend to spend more time with family. I want more wine dates with my mom and lunch dates with my dad and chances to bring my grandmother her favorite extra crispy fried chicken from KFC to her assisted living. Why are these things so hard to squeeze in when I love doing them?

I intend to read more. Over the summer, I had gotten back into a routine of reading at night before bed or while I took a bubble bath in the evenings. I love this. I read all day long but not adult books. I want to read books written for adults, not third graders, and not books about how to teach third graders! Some on my list are these: Maternity Leave, Dear Carolina, and The Last Anniversary.

Overall, I just intend to be more purposeful with my time. What are your 2016 intentions?