Friday, February 26, 2016

It's my due date! Meet Madeline Ann!

Tomorrow is my due date but our sweet girl had other plans and arrived early on February 17, 2016 at 2:33 p.m. She is a petite little lady at 5 pound 15 ounces and 19 1/4 inches and is currently swimming in all of her tiniest newborn outfits. She is healthy and we are all completely in love with her. More to come, including how we chose her name and a peek at her nursery, but in the mean time, here are some photos of our sweet Madeline from my phone. We're all doing well and are just spending all our time loving on our girl and being thankful for this blessing to our family.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Bumpdate: Week 37 & 38

How far along? 38 weeks! Starting to dilate thank goodness and so swollen I can wear nothing but Uggs most days.

Weight gain: About 26-28 pounds. I'd been down while I was sick and then back up. 

Cravings: Fage Greek yogurt, apples and peanut butter, milk shakes, fresh fruit

Anything making me nauseas/queasy? Not at all!

Stretch marks: Not yet. Still applying Bio Oil and Belly Butter at least twice daily. 

Belly button: Still in most of the time but every now and then it will pop out depending on how she is positioned! 

Wedding rings: I'm still wearing my engagement ring but my wedding ring gets way too tight by the end of the day.

Maternity clothes: Yes. Exclusively aside from a few Pikos.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty terribly. I am utterly exhausted but have little else to complain about with this pregnancy.  

Exercise: Walking when I can but some days I can't even take much of a walk because of how swollen I have been. Granted I'm up moving and walking at work for almost twice the number of hours my doctor recommended so I'm still getting some activity.

Movement: Yes. I love watching her wiggle and squirm around. At night she will move a lot and then calm down with her butt sticking straight up on my right side. I love this.

Gender: Still a girl. We had to have another unplanned ultrasound last week and she is still a little lady. 

Symptoms: Lots and lots of swelling. My long term substitute came in to shadow me a week early last week and I finally cleaned up my desk. I've also been having a lot of pressure and some symptoms that labor might be getting close(-ish). 

Best moment this week: we had my baby shower at work and I finally packed my hospital bag. That makes it all feel more real. It's been so special to celebrate with everyone, even though I was still battling a sinus infection at both showers. Having Corey home from traveling for work this past week has been special, too. It's been very nice to just have a little time with the two of us.

Worst moment this week: The amount of swelling I am having is painful! My blood pressure was a little higher this past week so they are monitoring that but I am just so swollen that I am uncomfortable all the time. It goes away by Sunday morning each week but then by Monday at lunch time returns for the week and gets worse each day. By each Friday, it is not just my feet but my calves, hands, and face. 

Looking forward to: Meeting our girl any day now! And a big glass of Cabernet Sauvignon!

A few thoughts: I am just so ready to hold her and meet her. A small part of me wants to savor these last two weeks or so of my freedom and being able to do as I please on my own schedule. But the biggest part of me is just ready to snuggle up to this sweet girl. Hurry up little one! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Thoughts at {nearly} 9 months pregnant

I am here to tell you that pregnancy brain is real. If anyone claims otherwise, they are lying. So many random thoughts run through my mind each day but they are just a disorganized jumble. For example...

Why do they need to weigh me each week at my appointment? I'm seeing numbers on the scale that I never imagined I would see and it is torture. How many more pounds can I possibly gain?

But then again baby girl is still measuring small so I guess I better keep packing on the pounds. Just fruit and protein though. Healthy calories.

Why did I order TWO boxes of Girl Scout cookies from the sweet student in my class? That was two months ago when I was cute pregnant and not large, full-term, swollen cankles pregnant, of course.  

Well, I won't eat that many Girl Scout cookies over the next couple weeks. Because...I hate half a box today before I left work while I was checking my email. 

How in the world do some women wear boots up until the very end of their pregnancy? There is nothing I would love more than to wear my gorgeous, Louise Et Cie heeled boots for a Valentine's dinner with my husband but right now I can pretty much only wear a pair of squishy Target flats I bought in an emergency shoe situation four years ago and my knit uggs that were popular when I was living in New Jersey.

Yep, that does mean I wear uggs to work with my dress pants at least once a week. Very professional.

I'm getting a pre-baby haircut and mani pedi this week and I'm kind of nervous letting the ladies touch my swollen ugly feet. I wish my belly stuck out enough that I couldn't see them so I wouldn't know how ugly they were.

I am now 1 cm dilated. Does this mean this will be my last manicure? How many manicures are between 1cm and baby time? 

A thorough, 40 minute Google search proved that no one knows the answer to that question with any certainty.

I have made my husband cancel an appointment today to get our car seat inspected. And I finally packed my labor bag last night.

If I go into labor before the weekend, I'd like to apologize to all the parents of my students for the papers I have not finished grading.  

Why are the lines so long everywhere? The grocery store, Starbucks, Target, the post office, the pharmacy. Every time I run an errand, I am in Hell from standing forever.

This is of course because I stand all day at work and my feet are killing me at the end of the day. 

My doctor said if I am at work for 8 hours, I should be sitting for four. He clearly does not work with children. 

I'm realizing that I have complained about my feet a dozen times in this post. I also realize I am so lucky that this has been my only complaint throughout my entire pregnancy. That is an accomplishment.

Why is there always so much traffic whenever I need to go to the restroom? 

I haven't steamed our little lady's curtains in her room yet. Even though she won't sleep in there right away, I will cry if I don't get that done before she comes home and "sees" it for the first time. 

What does a contraction feel like? 

I really hope my water doesn't break at school. My students are already way too interested in the life cycle.

The intern in my coworker's classroom says that in Austrailia, many women take the two months before the end of their pregnancy off work to prepare. I wish I lived in Austrailia right now.

How many days of the 21 Day Fix will it take to un-do the amount of cookies and pizza I have eaten over the last nine months? 

If my husband doesn't do a better job of keeping his phone charged, I might kill him. 

I wonder what color hair she will have? I wonder if she will have enough hair to wear a bow right away. 

I have plenty of headband bows, don't worry. We are all set for her to wear a bow with every outfit she currently owns. 

My dog won't even let me close the door to use the restroom without him right beside me. Is this a sign that labor is getting close?

It makes me so sad that he'll be staying with friends while we are in the hospital and then come home and not get to be the very center of attention.

Typing that makes my pregnancy hormones go crazy and now I want to take an entire day off work to just let my dog.

I am so excited! No matter what, it won't be long now! I'm also a little bit terrified.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our Sweet "Grandmommie"

My sweet "Grandmommie" passed away last week. She had been battling a respiratory cold for a few days and at just two months shy of 96, it was too much for her.

We are all so sad because we will miss her and she has been such a constant in our lives for such a long time. I am heart broken that this is just weeks before our little girl is set to arrive. We all knew this was coming soon but I am sad that they won't get to meet.
She was a mother to five, a grandmother to ten, a great-grandmother to eleven, and still a great-great grandmother to one. In Heaven, she will be greeted by her own parents and siblings, a husband, a daughter, and a grandson, all of who left her far before their time. And countless friends. She was quite the social butterfly and I think that must be one of the hardest parts of aging, when your friends start to pass on without you. 
A two-time cancer survivor, who grew up during the Great Depression, and with nearly 96 years on this earth, my grandmother had a lot of wisdom. There is far too much to list but some of my favorite pieces are:

  • You are never to young to start using anti-wrinkle cream. Slather it on in large quantities every night.
  • When you find a comfortable pair of shoes that you look good in, buy them in every color.
  • There is nothing wrong with a lady wearing (nice) pants to church...or anywhere else for that matter.
  • Always keep candies, cookies, cheese biscuits or some kind of treat on hand for unexpected guests.
  • Sometimes you are old enough to know better but that doesn't mean there aren't occasions to do whatever it is you want. (She always says this about when she started dating my grandfather! Ha!)
  • There are few things in life that can't be solved by a homemade chocolate milkshake.
  • Accept help when you need it, and when you don't - offer it to someone else. 
  • A tall glass of milk and your women's multivitamin are the keys to good health.
  • Take lots of pictures. And hang them up or set them out for everyone to see.
  • Money doesn't guarantee happiness but family does. (Spoken from someone who grew up and got married during the Depression.)
I sure will miss this sweet woman. I was so very fortunate that she was in my life for 28 years and that when it came time to leave the family farm, she picked my hometown to move to, which meant many play dates after school, dinners together, and Sunday lunches for most of my life. She was able to be there for all of my big moments and so many people don't have that. Whenever I would wonder how in the world I ended up so girly when my mom was such a tom boy, she was there in a pantsuit with perfectly matched pumps and a gorgeous pair of earrings and it all made sense. She will be so greatly missed! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bumpdate: 35 & 36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks! Since we are getting right up to the end, I'm going to try to record an update every two weeks since things might start changing. 

Weight gain: 23 pounds per my last appointment 

Cravings: Yogurt, fresh fruit, Fage Greek yogurt (no other brand will do), peanut butter on apples, wine! (only a few more weeks until that indulgence thank goodness!)

Anything making me nauseas/queasy? Not at all!

Stretch marks: Not yet. Still applying Bio Oil and Belly Butter at least twice daily. 

Belly button: Still in but just barely. 

35 weeks

Wedding rings: I am currently still wearing my engagement ring because the shape of it is a little more forgiving but I can't wear my wedding band anymore. It still goes on snug in the morning but I know it would be way too tight as the day progresses and I really don't want to risk getting it stuck and having to have it cut off.

Maternity clothes: Yes. My only non-maternity item has been my Piko tunics and I am still really loving them. 

Sleep: I am not sleeping well at all. During these past two weeks, I have become really uncomfortable pretty much all the time. I use my snoogle to cradle my bump and a lumbar pillow for extra back support but am still not really comfortable at night.  This week I have also been battling a terrible respiratory cold so I have been coughing all night long, which certainly doesn't help. 

Exercise: Walking and that is pretty much it. 

Movement: Yes and it is noticeable from the outside. I can feel her hiccup and took a really cute video of her squirming around in there for Corey while he was traveling for work last week. 

Gender: Girl, girl, girl. The bow situation is out of control. All of these are interchangeable and attach to elastic headbands. 

Symptoms: Lots of swelling recently. The severe swelling started at the beginning of week 35 and it is very painful. My doctor ruled out preeclampsia because my blood pressure is still good but based on how much I am swelling said I will likely not make it until my anticipated last day of work on February 26. 

Best moment this month: My baby shower this past weekend. Our little lady is already loved so much and I feel much more prepared now! Also, our Babymoon! This was amazing and so, so relaxing. I don't know if I have ever been so relaxed, even on our honeymoon in Hawaii. A full recap of that is about halfway done. Here's a preview for the time-being. 

Worst moment this week: This cold has been no walk in the park and I still feel like I'm getting worse daily. I literally cried when the nurse gave me a list of things to try and I had already tried them all. Also, if you follow on Instagram you know losing my grandmother last week has been sad. She was 95 so I knew it was coming and was at peace with how long and full her life was. It has still been hard, though, because I selfishly wanted her to meet my little one. 

Looking forward to: I'm really looking forward to my work baby shower this week and Valentine's week because it will be Corey's last week of overnight out of town travel and I really want extra help at home. Basically, between being sick and eight months pregnant I am dying for someone to be here to take care of me! 

A few thoughts: I am starting to get a little panicked with how many things there still are to do. I had Corey carry in shower gifts then I just closed the nursery door and went to sleep since I was so sick. I need to organize everything and do another load of newborn laundry. I still need to pack my hospital bag and install our new car seat. I also haven't finished getting my classroom ready for my long term sub (my 11 weeks of plans are done, though!). My OB did say that I needed to plan to go ahead and finish up outstanding projects at work so I guess I'll be cleaning and organizing my classroom this week and trying to make a more conscious effort to keep it ready for the unexpected. As any teacher can tell you, working with the kids and lesson planning is fun. Grading papers and accountability paperwork is not so it is way to easy too just let it pile up.