Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Thoughts at {nearly} 9 months pregnant

I am here to tell you that pregnancy brain is real. If anyone claims otherwise, they are lying. So many random thoughts run through my mind each day but they are just a disorganized jumble. For example...

Why do they need to weigh me each week at my appointment? I'm seeing numbers on the scale that I never imagined I would see and it is torture. How many more pounds can I possibly gain?

But then again baby girl is still measuring small so I guess I better keep packing on the pounds. Just fruit and protein though. Healthy calories.

Why did I order TWO boxes of Girl Scout cookies from the sweet student in my class? That was two months ago when I was cute pregnant and not large, full-term, swollen cankles pregnant, of course.  

Well, I won't eat that many Girl Scout cookies over the next couple weeks. Because...I hate half a box today before I left work while I was checking my email. 

How in the world do some women wear boots up until the very end of their pregnancy? There is nothing I would love more than to wear my gorgeous, Louise Et Cie heeled boots for a Valentine's dinner with my husband but right now I can pretty much only wear a pair of squishy Target flats I bought in an emergency shoe situation four years ago and my knit uggs that were popular when I was living in New Jersey.

Yep, that does mean I wear uggs to work with my dress pants at least once a week. Very professional.

I'm getting a pre-baby haircut and mani pedi this week and I'm kind of nervous letting the ladies touch my swollen ugly feet. I wish my belly stuck out enough that I couldn't see them so I wouldn't know how ugly they were.

I am now 1 cm dilated. Does this mean this will be my last manicure? How many manicures are between 1cm and baby time? 

A thorough, 40 minute Google search proved that no one knows the answer to that question with any certainty.

I have made my husband cancel an appointment today to get our car seat inspected. And I finally packed my labor bag last night.

If I go into labor before the weekend, I'd like to apologize to all the parents of my students for the papers I have not finished grading.  

Why are the lines so long everywhere? The grocery store, Starbucks, Target, the post office, the pharmacy. Every time I run an errand, I am in Hell from standing forever.

This is of course because I stand all day at work and my feet are killing me at the end of the day. 

My doctor said if I am at work for 8 hours, I should be sitting for four. He clearly does not work with children. 

I'm realizing that I have complained about my feet a dozen times in this post. I also realize I am so lucky that this has been my only complaint throughout my entire pregnancy. That is an accomplishment.

Why is there always so much traffic whenever I need to go to the restroom? 

I haven't steamed our little lady's curtains in her room yet. Even though she won't sleep in there right away, I will cry if I don't get that done before she comes home and "sees" it for the first time. 

What does a contraction feel like? 

I really hope my water doesn't break at school. My students are already way too interested in the life cycle.

The intern in my coworker's classroom says that in Austrailia, many women take the two months before the end of their pregnancy off work to prepare. I wish I lived in Austrailia right now.

How many days of the 21 Day Fix will it take to un-do the amount of cookies and pizza I have eaten over the last nine months? 

If my husband doesn't do a better job of keeping his phone charged, I might kill him. 

I wonder what color hair she will have? I wonder if she will have enough hair to wear a bow right away. 

I have plenty of headband bows, don't worry. We are all set for her to wear a bow with every outfit she currently owns. 

My dog won't even let me close the door to use the restroom without him right beside me. Is this a sign that labor is getting close?

It makes me so sad that he'll be staying with friends while we are in the hospital and then come home and not get to be the very center of attention.

Typing that makes my pregnancy hormones go crazy and now I want to take an entire day off work to just let my dog.

I am so excited! No matter what, it won't be long now! I'm also a little bit terrified.


  1. You're so close and I'm so excited for you! Once I hit that 20 pound mark I just (kind of) got over the weight gain and was like...heck, my body is doing what it is supposed to be doing, right?! You look amazing! So excited for you...now make sure your hubby keeps that phone charged! xx

  2. LOVE this post! My favorite: "I wonder if she will have enough hair to wear a bow right away."


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