Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Charleston + Kiawah Island Babymoon

Early on in my pregnancy I really wanted to take a Babymoon. With Corey's dad being sick in the spring and then passing in early summer, a vacation this year had been out of the question. We had already missed too much time away from work.

But, as my pregnancy progressed, the idea of traveling the week after Christmas, which is the time we had picked for this Babymoon, didn't feel like such a great idea anymore. I hadn't been feeling very well at that point and I really wanted some time to relax in my own home after our holiday guests departed.

Things have been busy and Corey and I really wanted some time to spend together. It was one of my New Year's Intentions. It just seemed like it probably wasn't going to happen until after Madeline arrived. Then, Corey called one afternoon to tell me he had booked and paid for our Babymoon and there was an itinerary waiting for me at home. I love my husband for so many reasons but that is just one extra because it is exactly what we needed and it would have been difficult to have me sit down and help plan it with a to-do list of other things hanging over my head.
He planned it perfectly. We would leave on the Friday I had a teacher workday so I would be ready for the following week before I left and wouldn't need to think about work one time over our weekend. The following Monday we were both off work for Martin Luther King Jr. Day so we could enjoy four blissful days of relaxation.

On Friday evening, we headed to Charleston. Corey booked a room at the Grand Bohemian. This hotel was fabulous. It has an in-house art gallery and original pieces of art throughout. The rooms are so unique and artistic. I really love boutique hotels but we don't always stay at them because they can be so expensive. Luckily, we had so many points from Corey's work travels that we didn't even have to think about this. 

After we checked in and got changed, we went to explore the hotels wine room. They have an extensive collection and you can get small one ounce tastings so I could even taste two wines without it even being a fraction of a glass.

Then, we went upstairs to the Eleve cafe and enjoyed an appetizer before having a late dinner at Magnolia's. We both really love the fried chicken and collard greens there, a southern staple.

On Saturday morning, we had brunch then wandered around downtown for a bit before heading out to Kiawah Island and the Sanctuary hotel. As soon as we arrived, we relaxed outside and enjoyed a day of beautiful weather. Then, in late afternoon, we headed to the spa where we were pampered and I had a prenatal massage. It was one of the best massages I have ever had and exactly what I needed. 

For dinner, we tried Jasmine Porch, one of the resort's restaurants. The service was impeccable and we both had shrimp and grits. I really got my fill of Southern favorites. When in Charleston...

On Sunday morning, we enjoyed brunch together then split up for the afternoon. Corey went golfing on the beautiful ocean course, which was just ranked among the top in the nation, and I returned to the spa for more pampering and another massage.

We had a casual dinner then snuggled up in bed with milk and cookies for dessert. On Sunday, we left fairly early and were able to get home around lunch time and be reunited with Riley and work on a couple projects. I really love when you return from a trip and still feel like you have the day to get unpacked and settled.

The service at The Sanctuary was just top-notch. It is inspired by an antebellum plantation and the level of detail is outstanding. Not to mention, we were truly waited on hand and foot the entire weekend, from having someone unpack our suitcases when we arrived all the way through to loading them into the car when we left. We were never left to wait for anything or ask for a refill. I don't think I have ever been so relaxed and we now want to come for a weekend every year.  

If you have never been to Kiawah, it is ideal for relaxation. My family used to come here in the summers for vacation but I hadn't really experienced it as an adult. It is a gated island with no streetlights or shops or stores, aside from the resort restaurants and a few little markets or golf pro shops. It really emphasizes seclusion and relaxation, which is just what we needed. When I returned home, my first thought was now that I'm so relaxed, I'm officially ready for Baby Girl's arrival. 

Thank you all for your sweet words on my last post. We are completely smitten with our girl and I'll share more about her arrival whenever I have a minute. For now, I'm taking the opportunity to publish some posts from my draft que. 


  1. I love, love, love Kiawah! Glad that y'all were able to take a quick trip out there and that you had a fantastic stay while you were there :)

  2. I think I've missed something....not looking in my dashboard...you had the baby. And a girl. Congratulations!!

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