Friday, May 13, 2016

5 on Friday

So this happened this week. We have already had a number of showings, one of which was last night. Corey was out of town so I took Riley and Madeline for a walk, AFTER checking the weather. iPhone weather said there would not be any rain until much later in the evening but apparently it was misinformed because I got caught in a downpour with a newborn and a very furry dog. Big thanks to my neighbor for letting us hide out in her garage until after the showing was over. Now someone please buy my house.  

Today I am off to my school to visit my class. We are having our multiplication ice cream celebration and I need to talk to my sub and team and get my thoughts together for what I am going to be teaching next week when my maternity leave is over. I am super anxious about leaving Madeline and heading back to work but am excited to end the school year with my kids. They have been practicing a play for me to see today. Super cuteness, I am sure. 

I have been spending way too money on cute clothes for Madeline. I refuse to buy anything for myself until I shed the last few pounds of baby weight and do lots of toning and tightening. I have been purchasing  a lot of her clothes on a local resale page on Facebook as well as a smocked resale page. Super cute clothes that don't break the bank. Win-win. This week I purchased her a blue smocked top and bloomer set, shrimp and grits bubble, and a couple cute casual everyday cotton rompers.

My first Mother's Day was so special. Corey treated me to some pampering last Friday so I had my first post-baby haircut, mani and pedi and then came home to flowers being delivered. We had showings all day Saturday so we headed out with friends and then went to brunch at Cafe Monte on Sunday. 
I enjoyed this eggs benedict on a croissant, a cappuccino, and a macaron for dessert. Then, later in the evening we grilled out and enjoyed some crisp white wine on the patio.

I have to brag on my child, now. I don't want to say she has been a terrible sleeper.....but it certainly hasn't been easy! Then, this morning I laid her down in her crib at nap time and went to dry my hair and by the time I came back she had put herself to sleep for the very first time. No rocking, walking, nursing, shushing, patting required. And no crying. If you don't have children you don't understand what an amazingly big deal this is but if you do, I'm sure you totally understand my excitement.


  1. Way to go Madeline! I can not wait until Caroline is able to soothe herself to sleep. Good luck with heading back to work and I hope you have a smooth transition.

  2. Hope your visit at school went great! I know it is going to be hard leaving your real baby, but at least you will get to close out the year with the rest of your classroom babies!

  3. Wow, hats off to you for selling your house with a baby AND going back to work!!! When our house was on the market (we had already moved out), I remember thinking there was NO way we could have lived there while we had husband and toddler are too messy!!! Hope it sells quick! And best of luck finishing out the school year! I know it helps knowing you have just a few weeks left!


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