Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why you should never, ever build a house.

Corey and I built our first house. It is not an entirely custom home by any means but I was able to pick out all the finishings inside and make minor tweaks to the layout, like adding our third bedroom.

Now, we are ready for a larger home. With Corey working from home and a new baby, we are cramped for space. That third bedroom that sat empty for so long and then became Corey's office (filled with a huge desk, dual monitors, and a phone that rings nonstop) is now Madeline's room. And Corey's office has moved to a small room downstairs. With no door. 

So, when we began to look for a home we were really disappointed in what we can get in our preferred neighborhood of Charlotte for our budget, which we thought would be fairly generous. We're not looking for a mansion or anything. Just one more bedroom, a nice, flat backyard, and a designated office area for Corey. 

The thing about building our current home, though, is that everything is totally customized to my taste. White kitchen, my favorite shade of granite countertops, the travertine backsplash I fought with our builder over, dark wood floors, 8 inch crown,waines cotting, high ten foot ceilings, lots of large windows for natural light, an open concept, giant tub for bubble baths that is separate from the shower, his and her sinks, his and her closets, an upstairs laundry. The list really goes on and on. It is small but I love everything about the inside. There isn't one other thing I could have asked for in a first home.

We've been so spoiled. When I list off the things we have now versus what we have seen in our price range, I start to think we don't actually really need that extra bedroom. And having more outdoor space for dogs and children is overrated, right? Maybe we can just stay here....forever.

This is why you should never, ever build a house. At least for your first house. It spoils you. 


  1. Hahaha, love this! Don't give up hope...I'm sure the right house will come along!

  2. Your new house will be just as fab! You'll love all the extra space, promise! Also, our across the street neighbor is a contractor and they do TONS of renovations, so they can def help you out!

  3. Oh girl. You'll find something right or you'll just have to become Joanna Gaines and go all Fixer Upper! Can't wait to see what you find!

  4. Ok, so I need to know what color your kitchen cabinets are and your walls! I am about to paint mine and love the colors of yours!

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