Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Some "before" shots of our new home.

We closed on our new home at the end of May and started some renovations the very next day. We are already making progress but what fun would it be if I didn't show you what we started with? I have to apologize these are all MLS photos. I didn't get a chance to take my own before we started doing things.

After house hunting with us for almost a year, I think our realtor was pretty surprised when we fell in love with this house. She'd recommended the neighborhood to us but all along we've really loved and preferred newer homes. 

We also loved high ceilings, thick moldings, an open floor plan, lots of natural light and a flat, grassy outdoor space. Mature landscaping was also a plus. Well, this house fit the bill. It just needed a few tweaks to become more in line with our style.
We won't be doing all those tweaks at once. It will be a process and will probably take about three years before all of my vision comes to fruition. 
Phase 1: Refinish hardwoods, replace carpet, paint, change out downstairs light fixtures. We've just finished doing all of this. We wanted it done before we moved in so now we'll be taking a breather from the rest of renovations for a little while!
Phase 2: Change backsplash and granite, upgrade range. The backsplash and granite will take priority. Nothing is wrong with them per se, just not my taste and that is so hard coming from a custom kitchen in our old house.
Phase 3: Outdoor space. Some kind of update. Possible screened in porch addition with paver grilling patio. Maybe just an outdoor kitchen. Not sure yet.  
Phase 4: Upgrade master and guest bathrooms. Maybe re-tile Madeline's bathroom. 

There are other smaller projects that we'll squeeze in as we go. We're just about unpacked and I can't wait to share the progress we have made so far. 


  1. Oh!! I love it!! I can't wait to see it with your own touch. I love older homes because you can always update and add the modern features but it's so hard to add the charm of an older home.

  2. Such a beautiful old home. It has a great structure to start with can't wait to se the updates.

  3. I love love love it!! Can't wait to see all of your updates. It will be worth all the renovations to make it your own.

  4. It definitely has great bones. Can't wait to see what you do with it!


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