Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday Ramblings

You all, Charlotte has been like a sauna lately. I cannot even tell you the last day we had where the temperatures didn't reach well into the 90's. Someone tell me a story of a summer day in comfortable climate.

We have nixed morning walks and pretty much anything that has to do with spending time outside. Our days consist of lots of time on the playmat, walking around the mall or Target, story time at all the Charlotte libraries, and playdates as often as we can manage. 

Riley chose yesterday, the hottest, steamiest of all days to run away from home for the first time. He was fetching a tennis ball in the back yard with Corey when a deer frolicked across the back of the yard. And then, off he went. We chased him for two hours. By we, I really mean Corey and some sweet middle school girls in the neighborhood, while I stayed home with Madeline and alternated frantically calling and posting on every lost pet board, vet clinic, and social media site with yelling his name, walking in circles around my yard, and trying not to think of my dog getting hit by a car in rush hour traffic. It was a pretty helpless feeling, especially since he's never been "lost" more than five minutes. Finally, I loaded Madeline in the car and we went to drive around the neighborhood, which luckily is enormous and doesn't have much traffic.  We turned down a street and there he was, just sitting on the front porch of a house that looked pretty similar to ours. I stopped the car and we ran into each other's arms and we (Madeline included) cried all the way home.

Speaking of, do you all recommend electric fences or the real deal for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel containment? I told Corey we will have one by next week. Who cares who the lowest bidder is. The job goes to whoever can install one tomorrow.

I'd like to report that since the last time I blogged, my child has learned how to put herself to sleep. There were a few crazy nights once she learned to roll over where she would accidentally end up on her tummy then cry unconsolably until we rushed in to flip her. Repeat, repeat, repeat for 12 hours. Then, low and behold three days later she decided she liked to sleep on her tummy and now she babbles to herself for a few minutes then flips herself to her belly, puts her thumb in her mouth, and goes to sleep. Parenting is hard work.
Anyone live near a Brueggar's Bagels? I have been enjoying an iced coconut coffee from them on repeat lately. It is so good. I have coffee at home every morning but we head out a good four or five times a week whenever I need an afternoon caffeine fix or need to break a twenty to buy cute baby gear from the local mom resale site. 
House renovations are going well over here and aside from a landscaping overhaul in the near future, we are finished for the time being. There are still some big projects I want to complete in the near future but we're taking a little breather and trying to relax and enjoy our home. I suppose I can live with my 80's backsplash in the meantime. 
Hope everyone is having a great week! 

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Fresh Start

When I renamed this blog to Carolina Mrs., I was still a newlywed and super excited to be relocating back to the Carolinas, my home. I was re-energized and excited to write about the next step in our lives as we got re-aquainted with Charlotte and built our first real home. Then, life happened. There have been some pretty tough days as we dealt with changes at work, the loss of a parent, two other extremely ill family members, and the joy of welcoming our daughter. This blog totally fell by the wayside. It was easier to push it aside in this new era of blogging, where fewer people comment and have a conversation and it is more about making money than making friendships. But, I have really enjoyed this little creative outlet over the last five (!) years. I'm really hoping to spend a little time on the couch in the mornings with this blog and reading all of yours on a real computer with a keyboard (the old school way that makes it so much easier to leave comments.) Its been really easy to just flip through on the Bloglovin' app instead of spending the extra few minutes to really engage like I used to. 

So, with that being shared, I'm closing the door on Carolina Mrs. 

will now be 

Naturally, I picked this title because as a teacher I love alliteration and as a mother, I love coffee. Anything productive I do these days is powered by large quantities of caffeine. But, I'm ok with that. 

We're still working on all the domain forwarding but it will be coming along eventually.