Monday, September 26, 2016

End of Summer Beach Trip

We snuck away for a few days to the beach over the weekend. We are usually such fans of the beaches near Charleston but decided to switch it up and try the Wilmington area this year. We decided to book this trip super last minute because it's been a busy summer with getting adjusted to a new house with a new baby and all but I am so glad we went.

In pure busy new-mom fashion I brought my nice camera and left it in the car the entire time and only got pictures with my iPhone. I also got mostly pictures of Corey and Madeline. That is something so sad about motherhood. Mamas are always taking all the pictures but not in the pictures! I'm kind of ok with it, though, because I pretty much didn't put on any make up the whole time. Even mascara.

Madeline earned a solid C in travel this time but I'll take it. When we traveled to Florida earlier this summer, she did surprisingly well until she came down with a cold on the last day. She is drooling like crazy right now and pretty irritable so I believe teething is to blame again. We had a great time regardless and it was really nice to sneak in a little vacation. We only turned on the TV Thursday night to watch the Clemson game shortly after our arrival. Otherwise, we were fairly unplugged, aside from the occasional Snap of Madeline modeling her Beaufort Bonnet. Now, that we've had some time at the beach and worn our matching Lilly one more time, I'm officially ready for Fall to arrive!


  1. yes welcome to mama life, always taking the pictures and not being in them!! hah and when husband tries to do good and take one of me with kids, it is almost always blurry : ) Glad you snuck in a beach trip, always great family time!

  2. The water in that first picture looks so clear and beautiful. WOW!

    There is not much cuter than a beach baby!

  3. Love Wilmington. It is one of the best beach towns with a small town vibe :)


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