Monday, September 19, 2016

Farewell to our first Home

Back in the spring, we decided to purchase a larger home and say goodbye to our first home. This was such a good move for our family. We really needed the extra space and our new neighborhood is so very family friendly and somewhere we know we can be for a long time. It was still sad to say goodbye to this first house that we built from the ground up. I do miss the Southpark location at times and I've been a little pouty about having to leave that kitchen that I designed ever since. Otherwise, though, we love everything about our new house. But, it just wouldn't seem fair not to give this first home of ours a proper farewell on the blog. It was home to us through a lot of ups and downs and was the first house our baby girl would ever call home.


So many great memories were shared here. Lots of parties and get togethers were hosted with friends. Many girls' nights and many holidays with family. There were things we never got around to, such as painting and swapping our some of the builder grade light fixtures but it was an awesome first home with some great neighbors who are still great friends. On to the next chapter!


  1. Yall's home was so pretty but I know you're happy where you are now!

  2. A gorgeous kitchen and home but I am sure the new larger space was the perfect decision for your family. Jess at Just Jess

  3. Such a beautiful home! But I know your new home will be perfect for making memories with your family!

    Southern Style

  4. Your home is beautiful!! Glad you're loving where you are now!

  5. What a beautiful first home! Moving can be so bittersweet. I've left so many places, but then I've discovered new ones. Dan and I are looking to buy our first home now, but we already know it won't be our "forever home." Still, it's exciting, as much as I don't want to leave our rental townhouse.


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