Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Baby Must-Haves for the first Six Months

Its hard to believe we are officially past the tiny baby stage. The early months were definitely a combination of sweet, sweet snuggles and pure exhaustion. It is such a special time of bonding with your new baby and staring into their sweet, tiny newborn face. At the same time, though, it also feels like a bit of an endurance challenge. I'm here to share some of our favorite items for the early months. 

The Fisher-Price Snugapuppy swing was such a life saver, especially because Madeline started out as a terrible sleeper and went through an intense, fussy phase that lasted several weeks. It instantly calmed her and I know she is sad to have outgrown it. We even sat her in it about a month ago one last time before we packed it away in the attic and she was immediately in bliss. This thing was a life saver.

The Baby K-tan was also a life-saving device for sure. Madeline loves to be held and cuddled and this carrier allowed me to do things like take Riley on a walk or eat dinner while still snuggling her close. It is also so much easier to put on that a wrap carrier. I seriously couldn't have survived on weeks Corey traveled without this thing. Literally. I would have most certainly starved to death.

Madeline was breast fed until I returned to work, then we moved to combination feeding. We used the Comotomo bottle to give her pumped milk and I really loved this thing. It is easy to clean and she transitioned back and forth seamlessly. 

We love our Skip Hop play mat. We used it for floor time and tummy time from about the time she was a week old. She still plays on it now, at seven months. This was by far one of our favorite and most-used products.

I love, love, love my Keyfit Caddy snap-n-go stroller. Madeline's infant seat is the Keyfit 30 so it clicks right in. We also have a City Select but I found the snap-n-go to be so much easier for running errands and kept it in the trunk of my car. It was so easy to just snap the carseat in or out, especially when she was very young and would fall asleep on to go.

I used a Boppy as my nursing pillow and it made nursing so much more comfortable. It is also nice just to hold your sweet newborn in a more comfortable position. Madeline now uses it to help sit up.

Madeline has reflux so we needed lots of burp cloths. It improved around four months and it so much better now but early on we went through so many burp cloths every day. I really like the Aidan and Anais ones.

Sophie le Giraffe is a favorite toy. I don't know what it is about this giraffe that babies love so much but Madeline adores her. We actually have two. We keep one at home on her play mat and another in the carseat. 

Madeline also loves her O Ball. These are so easy for babies to grasp and manipulate.

I'm not sure where I first heard of this no-rinse wash by Mustela but it is so great to keep with little cotton rounds on the changing table for quick clean ups.

The Nose Frida might seem like the grossest thing ever but it is definitely a miracle worker for baby's first cold. This works so much better than traditional aspirators and I think it is much cleaner because mold can't develop inside. 

We loved Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets early on but Madeline quickly became a Houdini. The Woombie was a life saver early on, then we moved on to the convertible version and Halo sleep sacks around four months.

Madeline has never had a diaper rash and I credit Aquaphor Ointment and Honest diaper cream. I put the Aquaphor on at night to act as a barrier and then a little diaper cream on every morning. We use Pampers swaddlers diapers and Pampers sensitive wipes. 

These products really helped make the newborn period as smooth as possible and keep our girl happy. Mamas, what are your favorite baby products?

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