Thursday, September 22, 2016

Prayers for our city.

I really have no words for what has been happening in my city over the past few days. I wish I had more insight but I know I can't attempt to understand the challenges many minorities in our country face on a daily basis. It just breaks my heart to think I'm raising Madeline in a world where there seems to be more anger and hate with each passing year. My biggest hope is that I can raise her to be accepting of everyone and to treat everyone with respect and compassion regardless of race. 

In third grade we study the slave trade, segregation, and the Jim Crow laws. My sweet eight year olds of every color can never understand how this part of our history could have ever happened. One of the most beautiful things about children is they start out color blind. It is so sad that some grow up to hate each other so fiercely. 

There is a lot of sadness and hurt over the events of the past few days. I hope we can find a way to move forward and make some positive changes. If you are willing and able, please add Charlotte to your prayers today. 

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  1. Love this post. Many prayers for sweet Charlotte!

    xoxo A


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