Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Madeline Diaries (7 Months)

While on maternity leave, I shared what a typical day looked like. I am happy to report, we are in a great schedule at seven months old (although I'm completely aware that it will constantly be changing for years to come) and I'm loving being home with my girl. I'll admit I was a little naive and thought I might have a little time to relax and was really looking forward to that after feeling stretched so thin when I was working. I don't have that relaxation time I thought I would (haha) but I still am loving our days lately.

6:45-7:00 We wake up. This is an hour and a half later than I woke up for work so no complaints here. 

7:00 Madeline eats then has floor play time. I make my coffee and shake and sit with her to play. We put the news on in the background so we know what is going on in the world.

8:30 Breakfast solids. Madeline really likes everything I've given her but I think pumpkin banana is her absolute favorite right now. 

8:45 We head upstairs and read a book in the nursery and have a few minutes of snuggles then it is naptime.  Madeline has made soooo much progress in her sleep! I cannot even tell you what a change this has made in both of our moods and energy levels. I am so proud of her!

9:15 I am dressed in workout gear and starting my workout for the day. 

10:00 Quick shower and get dressed for the day. Sometimes that is just changing from sweaty yoga pants to clean yoga pants if we don't have somewhere to go. #justtellingitlikeitis. I try to do laundry every day, too, either before she wakes or right after she eats. I wash and dry one day and then fold and put away the next. Repeat, repeat, repeat. This is my least favorite chore but I find I like it better if I don't let it build up.

10:45-11:00 Madeline is awake and hungry. On Tuesdays we wake up a few minutes early at 10:30 so we can make it to storytime. 

11:00 Sometimes we play at home or go out for an errand or just take the stroller to the mall to walk around because it has been too hot to walk outside! I am really looking forward to the fall weather so we can walk outside again. On Tuesdays we go to Storytime at the library and sometimes out to lunch with some friends after.

1:00 Naptime. We read another story and then Madeline takes another nap. I always snuggle with her for a few minutes but she goes into her crib awake and listens to a little musical bunny my aunt gave her while she falls asleep.  While she is napping, I eat lunch and work. I usually have emails to answer or customers to check on for Beachbody or work to do for my Teachers pay Teachers store. This is also when I read blogs if I have time.

2:30 Madeline is awake and ready to eat. Then, we have more play time. If we are at home I take her upstairs to the play area in our bonus room so she has other toys to play with and her jumperoo. Madeline is desperately trying to learn to crawl right now and can get pretty frustrated at times that she can't do it yet!  

4:00 A cat nap for Madeline. I try to clean something and prep dinner during this nap or at least get it started. I try to clean something every day. Especially with the furriest dog alive, lots of vacuuming and mopping on repeat.

5:00 Madeline is awake and hungry. She eats her solids and we finish any dinner prep together. I either move her playmat into the kitchen or buckle her in to her Bumbo on the kitchen island with a few toys on the tray while I work. 

We take Riley out for a short walk around our neighborhood. Its still so hot that we don't make it all that far but its nice to get outside for a little while. When we get home, she usually plays with toys on her play mat or bounces in her jumperoo for a few minutes before bath.

6:15 Bathtime! Corey still runs bath when he is home and I put the finishing touches on dinner preparations and get a pre-bed bottle ready.

6:30 Bottle in the nursery. I usually give Madeline her bottle and then we go across the hall to brush her teeth. We read a story together and have a few minutes of quiet snuggles and then I lay her in her crib.

Madeline will lay awake in her crib anywhere from 5-20 minutes before falling asleep listening to a lullaby on her Sleep Sheep or talking to herself. Meanwhile, I'm serving dinner downstairs and we are enjoying a few hours of adult time. 

The early bedtime is really key to us having some time together. She needs it because she would be so exhausted if she were up any later but we really need that baby-free time, too, to enjoy a glass of wine on the back deck or watch something together on Netflix. Luckily, Corey works from his home office when he isn't traveling so he sees Madeline a few minutes at a time throughout the day. 

She doesn't sleep the straight 12 hours yet so we are up somewhere between 2 and 4 for a quick feed then right back to sleep until 7. 

I'm sure this is super boring to anyone who doesn't have kids but I can't wait to look back at it in another three months and see how our days have changed. This might be the hardest job I've ever had because I never have a minute "off" but it is by far my favorite. Madeline brings so much joy to our days and I am so very thankful to be able to be home with her. 


  1. Oh my goodness. How sweet is she?! Those big blue eyes are going to get her out of a lot of things when she gets older! And doing posts like these will definitely be awesome for you to look back on! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. She's beautiful!! Neither of my kids are good sleepers. Hadley now wakes up in the middle of the night and gets in our bed and Griffin still gets up at least twice a night so I feel ya! I'm also a little jealous she still takes three naps a day!! Griffin is super picky so I'll have to try pumpkin and banana, I bet he would love that!!

  3. Isn't it funny how those ideas about "down time" actually play out in reality with babies? ha After Lawter was born I'd wonder all the time, what did I used to DO all the time before I felt t his busy? haha She is precious! How awesome to be home to spend sweet time with her!

  4. I don't have kids, but I love reading about daily routines! She's such a cutie!


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