Monday, October 17, 2016

Coffee + Conversation

This was a pretty relaxing weekend for me but it still just flew by. Corey went to Clemson with some friends from college and I stayed home with Madeline. Now that she sleeps through the night, this made for a pretty relaxing couple of evenings since I was stuck at home from six o'clock on.

I caught up on my favorite girl shows on the DVR and watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix with a couple big glasses of cabernet. I worked out twice a day each day and did a little at home mani in Smokin' Hot and hit up Home Goods twice. All in all it was a pretty good lazy weekend.

My parents stopped by for a visit Saturday on their way to dinner and brought the christening dress my mom made and hand embroidered for me. Madeline's christening is just a few weeks away so it will be special for her to wear the dress also and one day pass it along to her own children. 

Madeline and Corey played in the backyard yesterday afternoon when he returned home from Clemson and I had to snap this picture. She is eight months old today and it totally blows my mind what a little person she is now. She is into everything and so observant. It is a really fun stage.

We hosted some friends for dinner last night before they headed to the airport to fly home after the game. Everyone needed a little detox after the weekend so I made Skinnytaste's chicken, green bean, and bacon skillet and Giada's lemony arugula salad that April posted about last week. Both were delicious and it made for a healthy meal. I totally recommend adding them to your meal plan for this week.

I was a little productive and packed up all the newborn and warm weather clothes that Madeline has grown out of. It made me super sad. I'm sure that now that they're safely packed away, our future baby number two will be a boy but I am positive that if I got rid of all the cuteness, we'd have another girl one day. 

We have a low-key week planned this week and then next Monday Corey's mom will arrive from Florida. She'll be staying with us for about a week while she gets settled into her new home. We are excited to have her close by and Madeline is so lucky that all her grandparents will be near. 
Happy Monday. Have a great week! 


  1. What a good weekend at home! Nothing better than a little bit of Gilmore Girls on Netflix with a glass of wine ;)

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend. And so nice that his mom is moving here!

  3. That sounds like an awesome weekend! And good for you for working out so much this weekend - I need to find that motivation ;)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I bet your Christening gown will look beautiful on your daughter :)


  5. Oh, packing up the baby clothes is always so sad! It's a little fun too as you take out the new clothes. :) Now that Caleb is almost two, his totes of outgrown clothes are taking over the house! We're saving them for now too though in case of a future boy.


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