Monday, October 31, 2016

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday, friends. So sorry about going a little silent last week. It was just one of those crazy busy weeks. It was also one of those weeks that was super busy yet seemed to drag on and on and never end. I'm happy to support we all survived and made it to another week. Which is saying something since there are three adults, one baby, and two dogs who love to bark during nap times living in my house right now.
Last weekend I went to Windy Hill Cider Mill and Orchard with a few girlfriends and Madeline. It actually felt like fall so I wore leggings and a plaid tunic with boots and she wore her apple tab dress and tights. We even had to take a sweater for her. We enjoyed some adult cider, apple cider donuts (Madeline even had a bite) and a lot of girl time. It was awesome.

Corey's birthday was Wednesday. We had a pretty low-key day. I got him the basketball hoop he has been wanting for over the garage and all its accessories and then his mom kept Madeline and we went out to dinner. I enjoyed a major cheat meal and had the best happy hour burger in Charlotte. In our previous pre-baby life we used to run around the corner to Dogwood often for this $5 burger special. 
Then, the weather promptly returned to a million degrees. Well, mid-80's. We went to a baby Halloween party yesterday (#youknowyoureoldwhen) and Madeline only wore her costume for 2 minutes to take a picture because it was hot. This was fun and super cute, though, and she's going to wear it again with the air conditioner cranked way up today.
My neighborhood has so many families and kids so I am excited to see all the trick or treaters tonight. Our previous neighborhood was mostly young professionals so we would only get a couple.
Corey is traveling this week and Madeline and I are going to help her Nonnie get settled into the new house later in the week and finish up a few projects here. Other than that, I don't have much else to report this Monday morning! 
Happy Halloween!


  1. I LOVE Madeline's costume! Hope you had a great Halloween!

  2. Awww Madeline is so cute in her costume! The cider mill and orchard sounds really cool and that burger looks delicious!!!


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