Monday, November 14, 2016

Coffee + Conversation

A busy weekend has come to a close and I am sitting on the couch drinking a coffee, enjoying my shake, and...watching Daniel Tiger with Madeline. 

Saturday was a busy day for us as we ran some errands to finish getting ready for Madeline's baptism.    I had my heart set on picking up a new pair of monogrammed bloomers for her to wear under her gown and had a few other items to pick up. I also had our lunch catered so I had to pick up our meal. I'll do a full recap of the day soon but I have to say catering the lunch might have been one of the best ideas I ever had. So easy! 

Saturday night, we watched the (very disappointing) Clemson game at home, ordered Thai takeout, and I drank wine while I set the dining room table. Wine drinking + party prep wasn't a bad way to spend my evening.

Madeline did so well at her baptism. I wasn't so sure how it would go when my (now) great sleeper was wide awake at 6:21 on Sunday morning. I'm guessing she was just excited? She took a pretty decent morning nap for being off schedule as was happy as can be through the whole service.

I feel like I keep mentioning every Monday that we "have a busy week ahead" but that's how I am feeling this week, too. Today, I am making a meal for a neighbor who recently had a baby before I tutor this evening, we are going to Story Time tomorrow, trying to hit the Southern Christmas Show on Wednesday, have Madeline's nine month checkup and a Panther's game on Thursday, and a playgroup on Friday with a few other activities and errands thrown in. birthday on Saturday! Yay! 

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  1. You really do have a busy week ahead! And it ends on a super high note with your birthday!


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