Friday, December 16, 2016

5 on Friday

Happy Friday! Its a cold one for us today but perhaps the weather will inspire me to get my act together and finish getting ready for Christmas?

Joining in with April for 5 on Friday today. 

This has been a super busy week with three Christmas parties. I accidentally asked a sitter for tonight for a party that was last night so I ended up having to get another sitter for Corey's client party last night. This means that we just have to have a date night, tonight, which I am not at all unhappy about. It will be nice to go out for a non-obligation night to ourselves tonight and we are planning to see a few friends. It also gives me a great excuse to wear my new Anthro top I got for my birthday.

We sent out our Christmas cards at the beginning of the week so I am assuming they have all been delivered at this point. Enjoy this virtual version of our card as a gift from our family to yours this Holiday season. A little fun fact is, that although we've been married for more than four years, this is the very first time we've sent out Christmas cards.

Corey and I are looking forward to sneaking away to Olde Edwards Inn for a couple adults-only days of relaxation. The grandmothers will be here to spend time with Madeline and Riley so I know they'll be in excellent hands while we recharge.

I am trying to finish up my Christmas shopping before we leave. Last year I was all finished and wrapped by this time but I am severely behind this year. Anyone else procrastinating like me?

Speaking of Christmas, what are the top things on your list this year? I am really drawing a blank for myself so I just asked for gift cards to Nordstrom, Anthro, and Lilly. Impersonal, I know, but just what I need to update my wardrobe a little now that I am not in the classroom.


  1. How cute is your Christmas card? Funnily enough, we chose the same design! Gift cards to Nordstrom are always a great idea, you can never have too many :)
    Green Fashionista

  2. Love your Christmas card! Have so much fun at Olde Edwards, I've heard its amazing!!!


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