Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Favorite 2-Ingredient Appetizers

I have always really loved to entertain at home. With a baby at home, I often have to find recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. I don't want to compromise on deliciousness, though. I really like my guests to feel like I didn't cut any corners in preparing for them. But the days where I have time to cut circles out of puff pastry to make tomato tartlets are over for the time being.

Today, I am sharing three of my favorite appetizer recipes, each with just two ingredients and a few condiments you will already have in your freezer.

Shopping list:
  • Palmetto brand pimento cheese
  • frozen Phyllo cups
One of my favorite recipes is pimento cheese cups. These are such a crowd pleaser. I use Palmetto cheese. I'm sure you could use another brand but it would be worth your time to hunt this brand down if it is carried somewhere near you. 

Simply place phyllo cups on a baking sheet and fill with Palmetto cheese. Bake at 350 until the cheese is gooey, about ten minutes. Prepare to be amazed.

Shopping list:
  • Asparagus
  • Bacon
  • Italian or vinaigrette dressing 
Soak toothpicks in water so they don't burn. Meanwhile, wash asparagus and cut into fourths. Marinate in a baggie with Italian dressing for a few hours. The brand doesn't matter. I just use whatever is in the fridge. You could also use olive oil and a little salt and pepper in a pinch. Cut thick-cut bacon into 2-inch long pieces and use it to wrap 4 or 5 pieces of asparagus and secure with toothpick. Roast in oven until bacon is crispy, about twenty minutes. I usually do this at 400 but will start them lower when I am cooking several things at once. 

Shopping list:
  • Little Smokies or all beef hotdogs
  • Crescent rolls
These are a classic but always a crowd pleaser. I like using Little Smokies because they are the
perfect size already but an all-beef hotdog cut into bite sized pieces will work just fine as well.

Lay crescent rolls flat. Cut each triangle in half to make two smaller triangles. Wrap smokie or hot dog in crescent triangle, starting at the wide side, and place on a baking sheet seam down. If you have poppy seeds available, give your pigs a little sprinkle and bake at 350 for about 12-15 minutes until the smokies are warm and the rolls have puffed. Serve with mustard and ketchup for dipping.

What are your favorite easy appetizers for entertaining?


  1. I love easy appetizers! You had me sold and two ingredients.
    Beautifully Candid

  2. I just got asked to bring an appetizer to two different Christmas parties, so this is perfect!!


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