Friday, January 27, 2017

5 on Friday

Anyone else a TGIT fan? I was so excited for the return of TGIT last night, particularly Scandal. As usual, it did not disappoint.

Our fifth anniversary is this year and we are hoping to take a big trip. What are all of your favorite vacation destinations?
Throwback to our Hawaiian honeymoon.

The weather has been sooo nice in Charlotte lately and we've gotten to spend so much time outside. But...I know no other Charlotte ladies with side with me on this, I kind of need a few weeks of winter. Madeline has so many adorable sweater dresses and warm outfits she hasn't even worn yet! 

I am hosting a Shrimp and Grits Kids trunk show over the weekend and y'all, the collection this season is beyond adorable. I mean, just look at this cuteness...

If you want to get some of this cuteness for your own littles, you can use my party code "70024."

Madeline's party planning is well underway. I'm a super emotional mess about the whole thing because how is my baby almost a year old?! I haven't even shared her birth story or newborn photos on the blog yet! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Last Week's Workouts + a Recipe

Part of my New Year's Intentions was to stay accountable in my workout routine. I really slacked off during my third trimester and for the first....five and a half months after Madeline was born. 

I definitely noticed a difference in my strength and just how I felt overall when I wasn't working out regularly. I've made progress already with a couple months back into my routine but I still feel like I've got some work to do. There are days that I finish a cardio workout and just feel beaten instead of energized but I'm learning that it is all about the journey.

I definitely won't post weekly but I'm going to try to check in with a log of what I am doing for exercise every couple weeks and a healthy recipe that I am loving. 

Last week's workouts:
Monday:  Cize Crazy 8's 
Tuesday: Barre Legs (Beachbody on Demand) + Upper Body Fix Extreme (21DFX)
Wednesday: Ten minute hardcore (21DFX) + Cardio Fix (21 Day Fix)
Thursday: Hilliard Studio Method Total Body Barre
Friday: Cize You Got This
Saturday: Lower Body (21 Day Fix) + 10 Minute fix for Abs (21 Day Fix)
Sunday: 4 mile family walk

Right now, for my workouts, I am sticking to mostly Cize for cardio and the 21 Day Fix original or extreme. You can find those programs here or get the whole year of both (and dozens other workouts) on demand here
Favorite Healthy Recipe of the Week:

I made Skinnytaste's spaghetti squash boats. These were awesome. I did switch out her homemade marinara for Target's Simply Balanced organic marinara because I have a tiny little person creating 
chaos in the kitchen while I cook. We've made the chicken version of this before and love it and I have to say this one also satisfied that pasta craving without all the guilt. If you're following a meal plan, just be sure to measure out that cheese so you don't go overboard. Recipe here

Monday, January 16, 2017

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday! I hope some of you are enjoying a day off work today. It's a busy day around here but I wanted to take a few minutes to check in.

Things have been so busy in the best way over here. We enjoyed our girl's first Christmas last month.
Santa was so, so good to her. And so were the grandparents! It made Christmas all the more magical having our little lady with us this year, even if she didn't really understand what it was all about!

Since Christmas, we have been busy with a few projects at home and I've been busy with a number of work things at well. 

I've still been enjoying my at-home workouts but I will say some days it is easier than others! So far, though, I haven't missed any days since the New Year! We have a crazy amazing deal going on currently if you've ever had any interest in working out at home yourself. Or, maybe you just want to know how to get into shape in 30 minutes a day while simultaneously cooking dinner or without sitting in traffic on the way to dinner. Either way, this is the time to take the plunge!

We also enjoyed Madeline's first "snow" last week. I use that term loosely because we got maybe 1/2 an inch so she didn't really get to play in it. It was kind of nice to all be home together. 

Madeline started music class last week, we are still trying to make story time every week, and have a couple pre-school tours set up this week. It is crazy how fast the time goes! We are also hard at work planning for her first birthday. 

I won't say January has been a super exciting month so far but we've spent it getting a lot of projects finished. We finally finished unpacking and cleaning the garage, for example, and finished our second guest room in time for a couple friends to come visit for her party next month. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Intentions

Instead of New Year's "resolutions" I always set "intentions." Something about just that shift in vocabulary allows a little more flexibility and grace for when life throws you a curveball. Last year, my biggest intention was to be more purposeful with my time, to be a little more selfish, and to say "no" more. At my previous job, I was "voluntold" a lot and always seemed to have more and more piled on my plate. By saying no more, I have been able to say yes to other things I am passionate about and truly be present in my time with Madeline and Corey. I would say I was pretty successful at that intention but others not so much. I intended to re-commit to my workout routine, which didn't really happen until June (so many months wasted) and to read more. I finished a couple great books last year but I really didn't get as far as I hoped with that intention. That's where the grace comes in, though, because reading and exercising weren't high on my priority list during Madeline's first few months when she never slept.

For 2017, my biggest intention is to stay present in my time with Madeline and our family. To try not to over-stress about the future, not spend too much time online, and just to really be and enjoy this phase of life that we are in.

I also intend to keep up my workout routine. I am currently alternating 21 Day Fix and Cize and working out 5-6 days a week. I just wish I had started this as soon as I was cleared to work out after having Madeline instead of waiting until our life kind of "settled down" mid-year. 

I also intend to get back on track with meal planning healthy meals every week. I'd say we eat healthy about 60-70% of the time now but there have definitely been times this year that we just ordered a pizza or some other take out this year on a random Tuesday because we were just tired and didn't feel like cooking. 

I intend to put more time into my businesses this year. It has been really awesome earning enough money for Target trips and such while staying home, especially since I am currently only putting in about 5-6 hours a week. However, I want to put in a little more and hopefully get a little more out too. I have a hard time imagining transitioning back to a traditional work schedule in the immediate future so I'd like to continue working from home on a greater scale.

 Most importantly, I intend to pour my heart into our home and family. I intend to help make life easier for my husband, home a relaxing place, and always find one-on-one time to devote to our marriage. And, to seek out fun ways for Madeline and I to spend our days and give her experiences to enjoy as she learns and grows. 

Lastly, I intend to blog regularly and try to continue to cultivate friendships in this community. I don't want to stick a label on how many times a week or month "regularly" means because all of the above comes first, but I don't want this little space to fall to the back burner completely again. 

Our life is so completely different than it has been in the past but I am so excited for what 2017 has to offer. Happy New Year!