Friday, January 27, 2017

5 on Friday

Anyone else a TGIT fan? I was so excited for the return of TGIT last night, particularly Scandal. As usual, it did not disappoint.

Our fifth anniversary is this year and we are hoping to take a big trip. What are all of your favorite vacation destinations?
Throwback to our Hawaiian honeymoon.

The weather has been sooo nice in Charlotte lately and we've gotten to spend so much time outside. But...I know no other Charlotte ladies with side with me on this, I kind of need a few weeks of winter. Madeline has so many adorable sweater dresses and warm outfits she hasn't even worn yet! 

I am hosting a Shrimp and Grits Kids trunk show over the weekend and y'all, the collection this season is beyond adorable. I mean, just look at this cuteness...

If you want to get some of this cuteness for your own littles, you can use my party code "70024."

Madeline's party planning is well underway. I'm a super emotional mess about the whole thing because how is my baby almost a year old?! I haven't even shared her birth story or newborn photos on the blog yet! 


  1. Aww, I can't believe she is almost one! I actually think this time is sooo much better...they are sleeping somewhat regularly! I didn't realize Scandal was back on; I am going to have to DVR it! Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow! 11 months have gone by quick! Scandal was great as always and I agree that I wouldn't mind another week or two of winter. Jess at Just Jess

  3. Ok, so we are having the same convo about where to go for our 5 year anniversary trip too! We've (aka I'VE, ha!) narrowed it down to St. Lucia, St. Martin or Turks and Caicos. We went to Aruba for our honeymoon and I would highly recommend that as well!

  4. Ahhh, Scandal was so good last night! So twisty. I haven't watched Murder yet but it's on the docket for this weekend. This Charlotte weather has been crazy. I'm a winter lover so I completely agree that we need some ASAP! Maybe we'll get some February snow?

  5. Vacations are so fun to plan! I think my favorite ever was Bermuda! I'd love to go back someday!


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