Monday, January 16, 2017

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday! I hope some of you are enjoying a day off work today. It's a busy day around here but I wanted to take a few minutes to check in.

Things have been so busy in the best way over here. We enjoyed our girl's first Christmas last month.
Santa was so, so good to her. And so were the grandparents! It made Christmas all the more magical having our little lady with us this year, even if she didn't really understand what it was all about!

Since Christmas, we have been busy with a few projects at home and I've been busy with a number of work things at well. 

I've still been enjoying my at-home workouts but I will say some days it is easier than others! So far, though, I haven't missed any days since the New Year! We have a crazy amazing deal going on currently if you've ever had any interest in working out at home yourself. Or, maybe you just want to know how to get into shape in 30 minutes a day while simultaneously cooking dinner or without sitting in traffic on the way to dinner. Either way, this is the time to take the plunge!

We also enjoyed Madeline's first "snow" last week. I use that term loosely because we got maybe 1/2 an inch so she didn't really get to play in it. It was kind of nice to all be home together. 

Madeline started music class last week, we are still trying to make story time every week, and have a couple pre-school tours set up this week. It is crazy how fast the time goes! We are also hard at work planning for her first birthday. 

I won't say January has been a super exciting month so far but we've spent it getting a lot of projects finished. We finally finished unpacking and cleaning the garage, for example, and finished our second guest room in time for a couple friends to come visit for her party next month. 


  1. Feel like I was just reading your pregnancy updates and now you're talking about birthdays and preschool! Looks like y'all have been busy this winter. My parents were in town the other week and I definitely recruited my dad to help me organize my garage. It feels so good to have that checked off. Now I just have every other closet in the house to do...

  2. Aww, the first Christmas is so special! Caleb had his second Christmas and still didn't really understand it. Maybe this year!

    Caleb goes to music class too. He goes to Music Together and he loves it! So fun.

  3. I love the new name and look! How are we both starting to think about first birthdays already?!

  4. so cute, i love your blog.

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