Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Last Week's Workouts + a Recipe

Part of my New Year's Intentions was to stay accountable in my workout routine. I really slacked off during my third trimester and for the first....five and a half months after Madeline was born. 

I definitely noticed a difference in my strength and just how I felt overall when I wasn't working out regularly. I've made progress already with a couple months back into my routine but I still feel like I've got some work to do. There are days that I finish a cardio workout and just feel beaten instead of energized but I'm learning that it is all about the journey.

I definitely won't post weekly but I'm going to try to check in with a log of what I am doing for exercise every couple weeks and a healthy recipe that I am loving. 

Last week's workouts:
Monday:  Cize Crazy 8's 
Tuesday: Barre Legs (Beachbody on Demand) + Upper Body Fix Extreme (21DFX)
Wednesday: Ten minute hardcore (21DFX) + Cardio Fix (21 Day Fix)
Thursday: Hilliard Studio Method Total Body Barre
Friday: Cize You Got This
Saturday: Lower Body (21 Day Fix) + 10 Minute fix for Abs (21 Day Fix)
Sunday: 4 mile family walk

Right now, for my workouts, I am sticking to mostly Cize for cardio and the 21 Day Fix original or extreme. You can find those programs here or get the whole year of both (and dozens other workouts) on demand here
Favorite Healthy Recipe of the Week:

I made Skinnytaste's spaghetti squash boats. These were awesome. I did switch out her homemade marinara for Target's Simply Balanced organic marinara because I have a tiny little person creating 
chaos in the kitchen while I cook. We've made the chicken version of this before and love it and I have to say this one also satisfied that pasta craving without all the guilt. If you're following a meal plan, just be sure to measure out that cheese so you don't go overboard. Recipe here


  1. I LOVE Skinnytaste - so easy and so delicious. I haven't made anything I didn't like, yet! I'm also trying to get back on the bandwagon with eating! I do Pure Barre a few times a week but I'm slowly adding in cardio, too.

  2. This looks amazing! I need to get back at it, so thanks for the inspiration! Also right there with you with jarred marinara!

  3. Love that spaghetti squash boat!! Yum!

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