Friday, February 3, 2017

5 on Friday

TGIF. This is one of those weeks where we were so, so busy but it just seemed to drag on forever. Sometimes that is nice because I love spending time with my sweet girl and being able to savor it. But, I am happy to see the weekend.

Madeline and I are off to order her smash cake and cupcakes today. I'm still debating between two styles of tiny cake adorableness. 


Thoughts? Bonus points if you leave your cake vote before noon.

I have gotten some super great workouts in this week and I will share what I've been up to next Wednesday. I am really sore today so I am ending the week with a little yoga this morning.

Mamas, what are your favorite toddler snacks? Madeline had been contentedly drinking her bottles and sippy cups and eating three "big girl" meals until two weeks ago. Now, she really wants a small morning and afternoon snack. At home we have fruit or string cheese but a lot of times she eats while we're out and about for errands and I need something other than puffs or cheerios with dried fruit thrown in to offer her. 

I also just got this snack trap from Munchkin as part of a marketing campaign I participated in and the lid is so much tighter than the one I was using previously. Yay for getting a minimal amount of cheerios lost in the seats of my new car.

What are your plans for the Super Bowl on Sunday? Our plans are fairly low key since the weekend is swamped with other activities. If you're still looking for an easy app, I posted two quick and simple crowd pleasers here.

Anyone reading anything good these days? I've been trying to do more reading before bed and stay off my phone late at night. By late, I of course mean like 9:30. I just finished this book and it definitely wasn't my favorite Liane Moriarty book. I have The Good Girl on my list next and need some other recommendations. 

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  1. I think I need to get that snack cup for my daughter; we have puffs everywhere all the time! I love both the cake styles, but I think I prefer the first one because it is slightly more traditional. The second one is so girly though, it would be perfect too depending on the party you are planning! Also, my daughter loves the snack bars from Ella's Kitchen and also the cheddar wheels. I'd love to hear what other snack recommendations you get!

  2. Love those cakes. I think the roses is my favorite but they're both great.

    Snacks... Caleb likes yogurt, cereal, crackers, graham crackers with PB, all kinds of cereal.

  3. My vote is for the top cake as well. I love pouches for on the go. I actually started making my own!


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