Monday, February 6, 2017

Coffee + Conversation

Well if this weekend just didn't fly by... I swear it was Friday afternoon and I blinked and here we are.
We had a good weekend. On Friday night, we ordered Thai takeout and caught up on a few DVR shows. It was a relaxing start to the weekend, even though it took me until 8 pm to drag my husband away from his home office. 

Saturday morning, I forced Corey to do Pilates with me and he's been complaining about his abs and glutes ever since. You gotta work that bum, though, and my favorite program is a great way to do it without even realizing how hard you are working. Until the next day, of course.

Then, my parents came up to Charlotte to visit for a while and stay overnight to watch Madeline and Riley while we went to Raleigh for some friends' housewarming. It was a great time catching up. We hurried back Sunday morning to see our girl and then take her to one of her own little friend's birthday party. Oh, I love first birthdays. I'll be sharing my inspiration for Madeline's later in the week.

I'd like to say we had big Super Bowl plans but that would be a lie. I was definitely at home watching it in my pajamas. We splurged a little (er a lot) on our meal plan while in Raleigh and I was just not about to put any wings or cheesy dip in my body by Sunday night. 

Commercials....what was your favorite? I loved the Air bnb #weaccept commercial and Melissa McCarthy's Kia commercial. The Super Bowl was a little anticlimactic this year after the Panthers, our home town team, attending last year so I was really in this entirely for the commercials.
We have another busy week this week. Its Madeline's last full week before she turns one. #timeslowdown


  1. The air bnb was definitely a favorite, as was the google and coke. The one with Justin Timberlake had me cracking up, too!

  2. I loved both of the commercials you mentioned! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Now I'm craving Thai! :)

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