Monday, February 27, 2017

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday, friends.

I went a little MIA towards the end of last week because we had Madeline's one year checkup on Thursday and the dreaded twelve-month shots. It was awful. She was grumpy and fussy for a couple days but the actual shots were a little traumatic...mostly for me, though! We love her pediatrician but Madeline is so much more aware than she was for the last set so she just looked up at me the whole time (all of 90 seconds) with a look that screamed, "Mom! How could you let them do this to me?" And we both cried all the way home. And I cried again recounting it to my friends from play group and once again when I was recapping the visit to Corey. Sometimes being a mom is hard.
She is finally feeling better, though, and still obsessed with her balloons. The ones that were only supposed to last 8 hours. I don't have the heart to pop them. 

Speaking of parenting, lets talk about mom brain for just a minute. We were planning to go to one of Madeline's little buddies' first birthday parties on Sunday. I've had it on my calendar for that day for over a month. During her nap, I set out our outfits and finished wrapping our gift. Then, I got the invitation to check the address and realized for the very first time that it said Saturday. #momfail

I'm finally going to get around to starting our home tour later this week. We'll be starting with the dining room, which I think might be my favorite. We moved in this house in June and did some minor renovations. We still have things we need to do, like some kitchen and bathroom refreshes (i.e. get rid of the sea shell sink and builder grade mirrors) but that's a project for a different year. 

Corey and I watched Episode 1 of HBO's Big Little Lies and it was so good. So far it is exactly like the book and I highly recommend it. But, make sure you read the book first, which is awesome.

We have a low-key week ahead with few commitments and I am pretty excited about that. Things have been way too busy around here lately. 


  1. I want to start watching big Little Lies but have not read the book yet! Ugh. I am sure the waitlist is 100 ppl long at the library. Any shot visit is just horrible. I always make Joe go with me but he had to leave early this time. Poor thing had the snuffs for hours afterwards.

  2. Shots are the worst, ugh. Luckily, shots have just made my kids feverish and tired. They take the best naps and sleep the best sleeps after shots. Ha! Happiest of birthdays to your little girl, though!

  3. Those 12 month shots are THE WORST! Glad she's back to herself! And the birthday party thing - prob won't be the last time - any normal mom totally gets it!

  4. Madeline with her balloons is so cute! Can't wait to see your home tour! Have a great week!

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one with mom brain! I hate taking my daughter to get shots. As soon as she sees the nurse she starts crying because she knows what's going on. She's fine as soon as it is over, but the poor thing cries through the entire appointment. Glad Madeline is feeling better and I can't wait for your home tour! :)

  6. Oh you're making me nervous for Sadie's next set of shots in April! I totally understand what you mean why they gave you that look of "how could you?!" It's so awful and I dread it! That's funny about mom brain. We all can empathize. Ha!

  7. Oh no, poor girl with her shots!! That must be so hard to watch as a mom!! Bummer about the birthday party!

  8. Shots are awful! My youngest just had his 9 month check up and he had to get a shot! It's so hard to watch them get them and feels good when you can snuggle them right after!


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