Friday, March 17, 2017

5 on Friday

I am so happy it is Friday today! It has been super cold all week long and since Madeline has had a runny nose, we didn't do any play dates so we are all going a little stir-crazy. We have no big plants tonight, just finally watching this week's This is Us and relaxing at home. Corey's had work dinners most of the week so we haven't had much time together this week. 

I sunless tanned for the wedding we are going to on Saturday. This year I switched to Fake Bake from Tan Towels, which I used and loved for such a long time. I have such a super heightened sense of smell ever since I was pregnant with Madeline and I couldn't take the scent of my beloved Tan Towels anymore. I'm loving the Fake Bake and it has a very light coconut scent. The color is natural and it's not streaky at all. I also love St. Tropez but it is just so expensive. Do you have a sunless tanner you love that I should try? 


This guy turned SEVEN years old on Wednesday. I cannot even believe that and it makes me super emotional. He started his day with his usual cake from Canine Cafe and had lots of snuggles with his family. Just for a little flashback Friday, let's spend just a minute reminiscing over how cute he was when he was a tiny pup seven years ago.


This was dinner last night. Life is about balance, right?? Corey had a work dinner and Madeline had kind of a tough day yesterday with a super runny nose that was driving her crazy so by the time she went to bed (an hour early), I was just exhausted. I poured myself a glass of wine, enjoyed my favorite flavor of Lara bar and a banana, and watched Grey's Anatomy in bed. 


These crockpot carnitas were easy and delicious. I made them for Taco Tuesday in our house this week and then ate leftovers in Wednesday while Corey was working and enjoyed them just as much the second time around. Not to mention they are 21 Day Fix approved and a healthy dinner. I'll be sharing this recipe and seven more in my totally free clean eating crock pot group starting March 27th. Want more info? Just let me know in the comments and make sure you either leave your email address or the reply feature is turned on!

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  1. seriously that doggie b-day cake is so so cute-happy 7th birthday to the cute lil guy!

  2. I have been using a gradual self tanner to get some color for spring. I have never tried tanning at home- always go to a spray booth. I need to go and try it myself. I completely feel you about being stuck at home sick. Interactions with others helps both of us so much during the week. We are both miserable when we can't go out.

  3. I need to try that Fake Bake, especially since it has a coconut scent! And how cute is that doggy birthday cake?! Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Oh I love that you got your pup a birthday cake! What a cutie!


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