Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 Ways to Live Healthier...Starting Today

I would argue that most of the population wants to be healthy. Yet, many, many of us don't make healthy choices on the day-to-day. I think healthy living can sometimes seem unattainable, like it might require too much work for us to be successful. But, that is simply not true. There are little changes we can make in our day-to-day habits that will add up to significant results in the long run.

1. Drink more water. We all know hydration is important yet it can be hard to get the water we need daily. I have definitely been guilty of having days where I would drink only coffee and wine. Drinking enough water helps curb cravings, boost metabolism, aids in skin and hair health, and so much more. Did you know you should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces every day at a minimum?

2. Go to be earlier. Again, this is something that has been difficult for me! Especially before becoming a mom. Now, I can't seem to get to bed fast enough at the end of the day. I personally got really "good" at functioning on six or so hours of sleep. But this is a dangerous practice in the long term. Determine a bedtime that is at least seven, preferably eight, hours before you need to get up to start your day. Then, plan to start winding down 30-45 minutes before that time. Check your email and social media for the last time, then log off. Finish your nighttime skincare and beauty rituals then try to read or listen to relaxing music for a few minutes to help your mind slow down and prepare for restful sleep.

3. Get moving! Remember the theory that a body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest? For your health now and in the future, exercise really needs to be a part of your daily life. 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 a weeks will improve your overall health in so many ways. This can be as simple as using the stairs instead of the elevator and then taking a nice walk every evening. One thing I love about my current workouts is that they take just 30 minutes (2% of my day) and I really feel like I have strengthened my body and heart when I am finished. 

4. Eat reasonable portions. It isn't necessary to cut all of your favorite foods in order to eat healthy. While it is true that some foods are undeniably better than others, you can make a huge difference in your health simply by making sure your portions are reasonable. If you need help with this, email me and I will make sure you are on my list for my next meal prep group. I even have one starting on Monday. 
5. Find a way to destress. Whether it be yoga, a long walk with your favorite podcast, a lavender bubble bath, a standing mani/pedi date with a great girlfriend, find a way to relax on the regular. 
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  1. These are great tips. I've been really focusing on getting enough water each day and it makes such a difference!

    By Lauren M

  2. I have started drinking more water over past few months & it's a game changer!!

  3. Yes, these are such great tips! I started drinking 75 ounces of water a day several months ago, and I think that has made the biggest difference in my life! It's amazing what a little hydration will do!!

  4. Love, love, love this!! I try to do all of those! I drink more water by adding my essential oils to them. I've been going to bed about half an hour earlier than I used to. I am definitely moving by having an almost 3 year old and 10 month old! I think I eat reasonable portion sizes but I do find that I snack at night, so I need to cut back on that. And I've definitely got ways to destress!! That is a must for anyone, but especially a mom!!


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