Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thoughts for Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, friends. 

We are enjoying some cold weather in Charlotte this week. Anybody else have snow that lasted all of four hours over the weekend? I'm definitely ready for spring but am not hating this one last week of winter and dressing Madeline in all of her cutest little sweater outfits.

We are in between sessions of Madeline's music class and with the cold weather this week we have no play groups meeting. I am enjoying the down time this week to finish up some projects at home and for my Teachers pay Teachers store.

One thing we are really struggling with since Madeline's birthday is keeping all of her toys organized. My parents brought me the toy box from my childhood and I am busy giving it a little makeover for M. The toys are out of control. How do you moms stay organized??

I tutor on Monday nights but try to still make sure we have a healthy meal to eat when I get home. Yesterday, I slow cooked turkey meatballs with no-sugar added tomato sauce, a little minced garlic, Italian seasoning, and onion powder and then served them over zoodles. This was such an easy healthy meal. What are your go-to's when you feel like you have no time?

Madeline has handled the time change beautifully. We both slept in on Sunday and then a little past our normal time yesterday, too. Oops. Today, we are back on track but I still feel like I need allll the coffee. This totally sums up the last couple mornings for me:

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love that coffee meme - true statement, on my 2nd cup already :)

  2. That coffee meme is totally accurate. I've done my best to keep my coffee intake down to a cup every other day during pregnancy, but with this daylight savings it's been harder than ever to keep it to a minimum.

  3. That red coat is absolutely darling! It sounds like you are staying busy and on top of everything! We use storage ottomans, basket and bins to corral the toys, but there are usually things out. It is so nice for them to spread out and play!

  4. Between the time change and my Remicade infusion cycle (next treatment is next week; I'm usually sick the week before my treatment), I've been exhausted all week. I sleep about 10 hours each night!

  5. I wish I had a better way to keep the toys organized! The playroom gets cleaned up and then just like that, it's a mess again!


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