Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday Coffee Talk

I didn't mean to take such a little hiatus from the blog. Things have been busy around here and I have lots of fun things to share soon.

We've been having lots of fun with our girl, including a family picnic on Easter weekend. Madeline loves playing outside, swinging on the swings, and eating so this was pretty much her dream activity.

We had a great Easter. I'll probably do a full post on it next week. She was so young last Easter that it was kind of a blur but this one was super fun.

Corey and I leave for St. John in less than two weeks so I have been doing lots of working out to get ready.

Madeline got a sandbox from my parents for Easter so she has enjoyed playing outside and its a super fun way to spend the afternoon.

There's been a lot of healthy eating while I was away.

And some splurges too. I'm such a sucker for a charcuterie tray and the one from Dilworth Tasting Room did not disappoint. 

This super unfortunate incident happened. A blogger and online business owner's worst nightmare. Here's to hoping the genius bar can pull the hard drive.

More outside fun with my girl. We've enjoyed lots of play dates and park time with the weather being a great temperature. Charlotte has also had lots of rain recently so that has given me some time for work, too. 

Happy Thursday!



  1. Oh, I'm so sorry about your computer! I hope they can get that fixed. Other than that, it looks like lots of good things have been happening! We've been spending lots of time outside too. You have to enjoy spring while it's here!

  2. Did your battery overheat? That's what mine did a couple years ago. But I still haven't gone in to get all my stuff taken off of it. lol So let me know how they do yours, and maybe one day I'll get mine done! ;)

  3. Eeek! I'm sorry about your computer! Jess at Just Jess


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