Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Shopping Guide: Back to Preschool

Yesterday, Madeline had a very successful Meet the Teacher at her pre-school. We are sneaking in a last minute beach trip this weekend and then her first day is next Tuesday. I am so excited for her to make some new friends, learn how to be part of a class, develop a little independence from mama, and for the sweet teachers to love on her. I'm honestly excited for the few hours a week to myself as well because balancing working at home with taking care of her and running a household can be a lot at times. Yet, my mama heart knows I am going to miss her like crazy during those few (six) hours a week she is in pre-school.

We chose a church-based preschool close to our house upon the recommendation of other moms in our neighborhood and community and were so fortunate to be accepted into our first choice. I toured many places last winter and loved this school so much that we only applied here and just crossed our fingers that it would work out.

We, of course, had to do a little shopping to prepare for the start of school. I will go ahead and clarify that I am aware that she will get her cute little clothes dirty. That she will spill food, get play ground mulch, play-doh, and paint all over them. We have a number of hand-me-down outfits that I purchased for pennies on our local mom re-sale page but of course we had to get a few special outfits and pieces, too, because she is only little once after all and the days of her wearing precious outfits like these are limited.

My mom bought Madeline last year's version of this tab dress. It is from Shrimp and Grits Kids and I love that she can wear it for all holidays. I host a trunk show for this company twice a year along with another local mom and blogger (you can shop our show using code 70024). We have all the tabs and Madeline will be wearing it with the apple tab on her first day. I searched high and low for the perfect pair of ruffle socks and she is obsessed with her new shoes. We purchased two pairs - one for school and one for other occasions because you know no one likes dirty Keds! I purchase her basic bows in bulk - they average out to about twenty-five cents each and this pinwheel size is perfect for her.

Here are a few other favorite clothing items for the pre-schooler this year. I just ordered that sweater dress on major sale last night and Madeline is already so in love with her new knee socks. The cow ones are her favorite!

Sweater Dress | Mary Jane Moccasins | Courduroy Jumper | Knit Peter Pan Collar TopAnimal Knee Socks

Madeline will eat lunch with her little friends at school. I chose this lunch box and we have been using it for picnics and other lunches on the go for months and it is just perfect for the young toddler. I'll share some of my favorite lunches soon. We were gifted a cute monogrammed thirty-one lunch box but I also love these and they can be personalized, too. These are my favorite ice packs to keep her lunch cool and I just ordered this sandwich cutter to make tiny toddler-sized sandwiches in a snap. These are her favorite cups right now and are dentist-approved.

We are so excited for this new experience for her and I can't wait to see all that she learns about friendship this year.

Mamas, tell me - what are your back to school necessities?


  1. Aww, Madeline is going to LOVE preschool!!!! So exciting! I'm obsessed with those cute animal socks!!

  2. Those little outfits are adorable! Madeline is going to have such a fun time! I also can't wait to hear your lunch ideas for toddlers. :)


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