Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Our Struggle is Part of Our Story

It was three long months ago that my mother-in-law came over to watch Madeline so I could run a couple errands and get a mani-pedi. I had planned some much needed mama relaxation time. I was coming off of what had been at the time the biggest month of my business since I began it a year ago. I had two new ladies I was responsible for training and was just feeling good. I felt the healthiest I had since having Madeline and honestly a bit before, too, and was just really content with life.

I was stopped in traffic drinking a Le Croix, having a trivial debate with myself about whether I should get hot pink or coral polish on my toes for that pedicure when I was hit from behind at a speed of 50 mph by a driver using their phone. There were no skid marks or evidence that the driver ever attempted to brake or slow down because they were looking at their phone.

One concussion, severe whiplash, and a fractured clavicle later I found myself staring at 9-12 weeks of physical therapy, countless hours away from my daughter and business, and months of modified workouts ahead of me. I felt so defeated. When fitness is your business, an accident like that can cost your family a lot. Not to mention how I physically felt and the hours upon hours I had to leave Madeline for appointments, x rays, and physical therapy visits.

Friday, September 8, 2017

5 on Friday

Happy Friday Friends! I'm popping in to share five quick thoughts from the week.

one: beach trip

We snuck in a quick little family beach trip for Labor Day weekend. Madeline LOVED the beach. As soon as we got out of the car and she saw it she screamed "whoa" and took off running towards the waves.

Our trip was quick so we are already looking forward to next year, however she did so much better than last summer with being flexible while traveling and she just loved the sand, which we knew she would dive she loves her sandbox at home, too.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September Goals

I cannot believe that it is September but I am so very glad to see fall approaching. Madeline had her first day of preschool yesterday and we are back to music class today. It feels good to be back into some semblance of a routine because quite honestly, we've been flying a little by the seat of our pants since she dropped to one nap back in June.

One of my biggest goals for myself for the start of the "school year" is to be a little more intentional about my goals. I try to be fairly organized because I honestly could not accomplish mom-ing, working from home, and running our household otherwise. But, sometimes things that I hope to accomplish yet aren't essential to our day-to-day functioning get pushed to the bottom of the list over and over.

This month, there are a few specific things I hope to accomplish.