Monday, November 20, 2017

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday! If we were having coffee this chilly morning, we would be chatting about...

The trees are up at the W house. I put them up while Corey was traveling last week and enjoyed a couple evenings with a glass of wine and girly holiday movies. I purchased some cute shatterproof ornaments from Hobby Lobby for the bottom of the tree to hopefully spare my favorite ones from getting broken. I am usually firmly in the no Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving but we aren't hosting this year so I know I'll be happy to come home from Thanksgiving and have the house festive and decorated for Christmas. 

Friday, November 17, 2017


Over the weekend, I enter a new decade and turn 30 so I thought it would be fun to share thirty facts about me, especially since this little blog has been a bit neglected recently.

1. I grew up in a suburb of Charlotte after moving out of the city in second grade and my parents still live in my hometown, which I love since they are only 40 minutes from me now.

2. I knew I wanted to work in education from the time I was really young and would play school with my stuffed animals.

3. I attended college at Furman University, which is a small liberal arts school in South Carolina. Go Paladins!

4. I completed my master's degree in a super busy 13 months while teaching full time. I was engaged and didn't even attend my own master's graduation because I was in the middle of our move to New Jersey.

5. When I resigned my first teaching job to relocate, it was kind of a blind leap of faith because I didn't have a new one yet. I ended up being hired to teach intercity and it was so challenging but also really helped my career in so many ways.

6. I took a transfer after my first year and then taught in an amazing district the rest of my time in New Jersey. I loved it so much that I had a really hard time accepting that we were leaving, even though that meant I was coming home to the Carolinas.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Closet Wishlist (and what I'm wearing recently)

The weather in North Carolina has finally cooperated and it feels like fall at last. I have really enjoyed being able to pull out some favorite fall clothes and try out some new ines.

I have done a lot of shopping in recent months due to doing no shopping for two years when I was pregnant and then nursing. I have quite a few other fun things on my list still. 

The first is this peplum bell-sleeve top. It comes in several colors but I am loving the pink. It has a velvet tie in the back so I think it would look so cute with black leggings and over the knee boots or booties.

I am also loving this little flounce dress. It is much cuter and more flattering in person. I see it paired with cute booties or over the knee boots also. I love the purple and navy. This outfit would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

Friday, November 10, 2017

5 on Friday

Happy, happy Friday! I am so glad that the weekend is here. The daylight savings transition has really worn us out around here!


This little girl has been having so much fun at preschool. They upload pictures every week and I so enjoy seeing her silly little personality come out in school. 

I made these easy, cheesy spaghetti squash boats this week and they were a hit. Madeline loved them and slurped up the squash noodles just like she does when she has regular pasta. I roasted the squash while simmering some lean chicken sausage, a jar of Thrive Market pasta sauce, and some spinach on the stove. Then stuffed that mixture in the squash, gave it a stir, and topped with 1/4 cup of cheese and popped them back into the oven. I am so, so picky about jarred sauces but I am obsessed with the Thrive Market sauces. No added sugar or crazy ingredients and SO yummy!   Also a lot less expensive than some of the other quality sauces that you might find somewhere like Whole Foods. I love an easy, healthy dinner.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Madeline - 20 months

Time really does fly when you're raising a child.

Our sweet Madeline is twenty months old right now and we are all settled into our two morning a week preschool program. We had a bumpy start to the year when she missed an entire week due to hand, foot, and mouth. But that's another story for another day.

Our schedule was kind of chaotic over the summer as we transitioned from two naps to one, balanced my doctors and physical therapy appointments after my accident, and I just tried to squeeze in work when I could. 

We all thrive on routine around here so I'm happy that we are back into one. Here's a peek at what our days look like right now.

6:30 My alarm goes off. I'm really trying to push that back to 6:00 but it's a work in progress. I make the bed, get dressed in work out clothes, and have a glass of water. I check social media and my work emails.

7:00 Madeline is awake. We have a diaper change then she has a sippy cup of milk and I drink a coffee. We turn on the news (sometimes Daniel Tiger or Peppa Pig) and play for an hour.

Friday, November 3, 2017

5 on Friday

Happy, happy Friday!


Halloween was so fun this year! Holidays just become so much more magical when you can see them through the eyes of a child. Madeline was a pink poodle. We took her trick or treating in our neighborhood, let her enjoy a couple M & M's and looked at everyone's costumes.


Madeline finished up another session of Music Together this week. She first started in January and she loves this weekly class so much. I just cannot recommend this program enough for mamas looking for something fun and developmentally appropriate to do with their little ones.