Friday, November 3, 2017

5 on Friday

Happy, happy Friday!


Halloween was so fun this year! Holidays just become so much more magical when you can see them through the eyes of a child. Madeline was a pink poodle. We took her trick or treating in our neighborhood, let her enjoy a couple M & M's and looked at everyone's costumes.


Madeline finished up another session of Music Together this week. She first started in January and she loves this weekly class so much. I just cannot recommend this program enough for mamas looking for something fun and developmentally appropriate to do with their little ones. 


Talk to me about Christmas decorations. I am not one to rush the seasons and always firmly wait until Black Friday to decorate. But this year we are traveling for Thanksgiving and it is kind of tempting me to put my decorations up early, as in starting right now! When do you decorate?


It seems fall is finally starting to arrive in North Carolina. Cue all the praise hands. My favorite fall evening activity in sitting by the fire under a cozy blanket sipping a glass of Cabernet. 


We are looking forward to a pretty relaxing weekend this weekend. We have traveled so much over the past couple months and will be relaxing at home, entertaining some friends for football, and spending time with our sweet girl. 


  1. YES to everything here! M's Halloween outfit is so darling. And we are also big Music Together fans!

  2. Oh how precious was M in that costume?! Adorable!

  3. That is one sweet poodle! I'm also with you on Christmas decorations. My husband won't let me go full force until after Thanksgiving, but I'm already trying to start getting organized now. I say the early the better so you can truly enjoy the season!

  4. Caleb took Music Together for almost two years, but his teacher just moved away. :( I'm devastated! He loved that class and it made him love music and dancing.

  5. I LOVE that poodle costume!! So cute! I'm also considering decorating for Christmas early because we'll be traveling for thanksgiving too :-/


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