Monday, November 20, 2017

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday! If we were having coffee this chilly morning, we would be chatting about...

The trees are up at the W house. I put them up while Corey was traveling last week and enjoyed a couple evenings with a glass of wine and girly holiday movies. I purchased some cute shatterproof ornaments from Hobby Lobby for the bottom of the tree to hopefully spare my favorite ones from getting broken. I am usually firmly in the no Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving but we aren't hosting this year so I know I'll be happy to come home from Thanksgiving and have the house festive and decorated for Christmas. 

Madeline has started showing such an interest in potty training so we are starting the process and I am a little terrified if we are being honest. We picked up some big girl undies this week to have on hand and she was super excited to pick them out. Mamas, give me all your tips for potty training! 

Corey was gone all last week for work and I just love this early morning picture I snapped of Madeline snuggled up on Friday morning after he got home. 

We headed to Charleston to ring in my 30th birthday over the weekend and had such a great time. It was nice to have a weekend of just us - we have traveled a lot recently but all for weddings and social events so it was much needed to have time just the two of us. And the weather was amazing.

Here we are headed out to dinner. We stayed on points at the Grand Bohemian and then splurged on an amazing dinner at Hall's on Friday night. It was delicious and then just an all around great dining experience. Then we had brunch at Pooghan's Porch, did some shopping, walked the city, enjoyed an appetizer by the water, and ended the night with live music and some small bites at Prohibition before leaving early on Sunday morning to be reunited with our girl. 

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  1. Both of my girls potty trained at 21 months and it is totally doable!! My only advice is to hang in there for a good solid week or two. I've found that with my friends who potty trained their kids closer to 2.5-3 (which is totally fine), their kids got it within 2-3 days. My girls took longer, but within 2 weeks were close to 100%. Takes a little longer when they're younger but SO worth it! Good luck!


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