Monday, March 26, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday! This weekend was a good bit more relaxing than last week and I am feeling ready for the week ahead.

On Friday, we took Madeline out for a little Mexican dinner date. It was a nice little dinner. Madeline enjoyed her quesadilla and Corey and I enjoyed a margarita. After dinner, we took Madeline to Baskin’ Robins for a cup of strawberry ice cream. She was definitely living her best life on Friday.

We had our tax appointment Saturday morning, which is something I’d been dreading for weeks. It is definitely a painful time as a small business owner and having to pay instead of collect a return. I’ve kind of got it down to a system now since I first started my Teachers pay Teachers business in 2013 but it is still a little disappointing each year. 

After we got home, I squeezed in a workout and a shower while Corey went to the gym. Then, I headed out for a little “me” time and left Corey and Madeline to have a little “Daddy-daughter” time.

I had a couple errands I needed to run and to return something at the mall, which gave me a nice little opportunity to walk around without a child hanging off my every limb. I picked up these cute pajamas on sale for Madeline.
Then, I enjoyed a much needed pedicure. Mine was embarrassingly grown out. I switched to a bright spring color for Easter next week.

Once my toes were all dry, I made one last stop at Ulta because I was out of sunless tanner. I love this one but splurged on my favorite ever. I am SO fair so I feel a lot more comfortable with a little fake color. 

Finally, I made it home and got Madeline ready to go out for pizza for dinner. We definitely didn’t win any healthy eating points with our dinners this weekend but she enjoyed it and stealing all the olives and tomatoes off our antipasti salad. 

On Sunday, Madeline had her first egg hunt of the year in our neighborhood. It was cute to see how much more she “got it” than last year. 

This weekend was a sweet little family weekend and gave us all a chance to recharge. How was your weekend? 


  1. What a fun and relaxing weekend! Those jammies are too cute!!!

  2. Who cares about calories on the weekend anyway? Love that she had her egg hunt. We skipped the one for alumni this year and will just do next weekend. I need a pedi so bad, its not even funny.

  3. Yum, Mexican sounds delicious! Even better to end the night with some ice cream!

  4. It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! Also, I'm absolutely obsessed with those donut pajamas from Gap! They make me wish I had children because they're so stinkin' cute.

    Felicity |

  5. What a fun weekend and yay for some me time! We had lots of pre-Easter fun too!

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Especially the pedicure part! ;)

  7. Glad we got to see you at the egg hunt!!! Those pajamas are super cute!

  8. My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in Orlando! We just spent Sunday in the parks, but we stayed at our Disney resort 3 nights. There's so much to do at the Disney resorts that we really enjoyed having time to check out all the amenities and just soak up the atmosphere.

  9. ooo girl I'll definitely be checking out your sunless tan rec! Also, Andi and I almost ALWAYS opt for a Mexican date! Yum!


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