Tuesday, March 13, 2018

For the Toddler Easter Basket

Easter is just around the corner and I have been busy getting Madeline's Easter basket ready. I ordered the monogrammed Easter basket below for her when I was in labor in the hospital. It is from Etsy and we plan to use it every year. This year, now that she is a little bit older, I am going to start the tradition of putting it out empty for her the night before Easter so that the Easter Bunny can fill it when he comes.

This year I started giving Madeline's Easter basket a little more thought because I feel like it starts to set the precedent for years going forward. It feels like she just had Christmas and she did just have a birthday so I didn't want to go overboard and I really don't like her to have candy or sweets. Back at Christmas, I shared mine and Corey's decision about how we will handle Santa gifts in our home and I was recently reading an article about raising grateful children in today's society. One of the things it recommended when gifting was to gift your child something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read and then leave it at that. I loved that recommendation and divided up my ideas for Easter basket goodies into those categories.

Madeline got the Hide and Squeak Eggs from the Easter Bunny last year and the Laugh and Learn Garden and garden tote for a few other occasions throughout the last year and she loves them all. The eggs are so versatile and Madeline has used them throughout the year to practice fine motor skills, colors, shapes, and pretend play in her kitchen. She loves the little songs and dancing flowers in the garden toy and being a helper outside with her own little gardening tools. I feel like bath toys are always a fun toy and its nice to change them out every so often so they don't get gross. I think the barnyard ones are so fun for spring and the egg chalk will be fun to color in the driveway when the weather starts to get nice.

This time of year Madeline is in need of warm weather shoes and a new swimsuit since she has grown so much since last year. She had those jelly sandals in several colors last year and I've already purchased her two new pairs and will slip one into her Easter basket. I love them because they can get wet or muddy and go with everything. I love Natives, too, for many of the same reasons and these are available in plenty of boy and girl colors. I caught a cute toddler swimsuit sale on Zulily recently and ordered Madeline two new suits for the summer but I am loving the watermelon suit above, too. I know all of our little boy friends would love the paw patrol swim trunks and I think I am going to pick them up for a little buddy's birthday.

I recently found the cutest brand of toddler clothing on Amazon that reminds me so much of Baby Boden without the price tag. I love these two little casual dresses and the boy's shirt comes in a multitude of patterns. Madeline has really hit a growth spurt lately so we have pajamas on our list, too.

We are always adding books to Madeline's little library. I got the Peppa book for her this year for her Easter basket with a Peppa coloring and sticker book. I also think the God Gave Us Easter book is just so sweet.

Some other ideas I have for little fillers are a fresh pack of triangle crayons, a pack or two of play doh, a bag of water beads, Annie's cheddar bunny crackers, or a new tooth brush with one of Madeline's favorite characters (either Daniel Tiger or Peppa) on it.

What are your favorite ideas for Easter baskets for the little ones?


  1. We love the "God Gave Us..." series, and we always give a swimsuit in the boys' Easter baskets. My favorite for little boys are the Cat & Jack bottoms and long-sleeve rash guards from Target and the same from Old Navy! :)

  2. We follow the same mantra for gifts in our house! I never thought about translating it to her Easter basket. I was Target last night and started to look at things to put in it and now I am going to follow this! And that brand from Amazon! Never saw it and now I will have to check it out.

  3. I love this idea! We kept our basket this year pretty inexpensive, mostly with things picked up last year on sale or the Target dollar bin. I did a blog post too, but not as well thought out as yours! I agree though about being more intentional now that the tots are getting older!

  4. I really like how you guys do your easter baskets! We only got one gift in our easter baskets and it was usually a book or DVD or Jewellery - nothing crazy. We were never allowed to have sweets growing up, so this was the one time my Mom allowed it.

  5. What a DOLL she is in that picture with the bunny ears! We also love the "something they want, need, to wear, and read" idea. We've never done anything big for Easter baskets but may start putting a little more thought into it this year. :)


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