Monday, April 30, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday, friends! I’m back to the blog today after a little break last week from all things social media.

I had a fun little post planned last week about our make your own pizza party we hosted for supper club and didn’t get it posted because we lost power in the most bizarre little incident when a neighbor’s transformer blew and started a tree fire. Then the rest of the week kind of went downhill from there. So that post is ready to go and will be coming to you tomorrow.

I loved Kourtney Kardashian’s visit to the EWG last week to learn about safe beauty. I think it is so cool for a celebrity who has access to literally any product to make a conscious effort to make safe choices for her family. I have a really exciting Beautycounter fundraising event coming up for May that I’ll be sharing a little about later this week.

A sweet friend invited Madeline and I over for a play date and dinner when we were without power. We set the kiddos up in the garage with some chalk paint since it was still raining and ordered a pizza. I posted about how mom friends save my sanity and y’all they really, truly do.

Then later in the week we were FaceTiming Corey and Madeline asked him when he was coming to visit her from his airplane and we all had a little breakdown. Even though Corey has always traveled for work and I thought we had our little routine down at this point, the extra travel with his new job has been a hard adjustment for us all over the last two months.

We enjoyed a really nice family weekend this weekend. Corey and I snuck out for date night when Madeline went to sleep on Friday night and then on Saturday morning we headed to Discovery Place Kids for one of her friend’s birthday parties. It is a children’s museum with “real life” stations like a diner where they can pretend cook, a little vet’s office full of stuffed animals, a grocery store, a firetruck, and a mock airport. It was a great time and she had so much fun.

When we got home I left Corey and Madeline to have lunch and nap time together and headed all the way across town to The Tipsy Paintbrush, one of those wine and design studios for one of my own friend’s birthday celebrations. We had lunch, mimosas, and crafted away. I made this little sign for our home.

Corey heads out for the week in the morning and Madeline and I are hoping to be more into our regular routine this week. I have a few things I need to catch up on and some prep work I need to do for her school's teacher appreciation week next week. The weather in Charlotte looks gorgeous this week (mid 80's!) so we will be spending lots of time outside after being cooped up in the rain all week last week. How was your weekend? Anyone looking forward to a fun week this week?


  1. Hang in there Mama. Madeline knows how much daddy and you love her, tough I am sure, but she's tough too. The indoor chalk paint looks so fun. I have a huge box we let E color on as well. Glad ya'll got a date night!

  2. That sign is adorable! I know firsthand how hard that travel is, but hang in there. You're doing a wonderful job and Corey loves you both so very much!

  3. I’m sorry that your husband’s schedule had been especially hectic. I know how hard that is, and I’m glad you have some good mama friends to ease the load. I hope your week goes a bit easier!


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