Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Mom Friends that Every Mom Should Have

A couple weeks ago I shared a post about the top seven practices that keep us all happy and somewhat together while my husband travels. One of the most important of those was finding your tribe. Those mama friends are everything at keeping me sane when he is away and I am trying to tackle all the things on my own.

By far my biggest adjustment of leaving my full-time job was leaving behind my coworkers. When my Mother-in-Law returned to Florida and Corey went back to work after Madeline was born, I was staring at five long days in front of us just the two of us. With no adults to talk to. All of my friends were working. My mom was working. My friend with almost the same age baby had just finished her maternity leave and was, you guessed it, working.

Here we are, two years later, and Corey still travels for work weekly but what saves my sanity the most when Madeline throws an epic meltdown in the middle of the grocery store because she wanted an animal cracker shaped like a lion instead of a giraffe and then I come home to realize that Riley somehow got into the trash and spread it all over the kitchen floor AND that the handle of a knife melted to the dishwasher coil and the blade is sticking straight out while dirty dishes are piling up, is the wine. Just kidding, it’s the people. Specifically, my mom friends that I’ve learned to count on so much.

I’ve met so many awesome mamas and it amazes me that many of them I didn’t even know two years ago. They are all awesome in their own ways. Some live in my neighborhood. Some live across town. And some live in my phone most of the time. But, it is safe to say I am super grateful for them. 

The Same Stage Mom 

Having a mom friend with a child the same age is such a sanity saver. This is someone who can commiserate with you about crap naps when your baby is still waking every forty-five minutes, is right there with you in the trenches when it comes time to cut some molars, and who totally gets your frustration when your child won’t touch a scrambled egg all of a sudden when they ate one every morning for the past four months.

Where I found mine: Baby story time at the library. I could tell we were in the trenches together by that look of exhaustion that only a mama whose baby wants to be nurses every other hour for almost an hour feels.

The Seasoned, “I’ve been there” Mom

Having a mom friend whose child is at least a year older is the best. Proof that you will make it through this and come out on the other side and that all of the really hard times are truly “just a phase.” She is the person that will remind you that preschool registration starts the January before you want your little one to attend and who will show you that the easiest way to clean up chocolate cupcake crumbs off of your child is by vacuuming them with a dust buster

Where I found mine: At the park by your neighborhood. You will be jealous that her child can climb the steps to the slide by themselves and she will be nostalgic that her child doesn’t have those cute little “baby thighs” anymore. 

The Pinterest Mom

This is the mom that hosts themed play dates, makes homemade vegetable muffins shaped like hearts and stars, and has an Instagram feed of all the cute craft and sensory activities she’s doing at home with her kids. A lot of times I try to be that mom but get distracted by just trying to keep Madeline alive and my house somewhat in order. The great thing about having a friend who is this mom is that play dates at their house will always be the best and that when you have grand elaborate plans for your child’s birthday party but underestimate the amount of time it will take to bring all your great ideas to fruition, they will rush right over, hot glue gun in hand.

Where I found mine: The craft store (she'll be the one waiting in line behind a mom buying two dozen 12 x 12 pieces of felt and a pack of multicolored buttons) or the arts and crafts aisle of a Dollar Tree. 

The Easy Going Mom 

This is the mom most likely to drink wine with you during play dates or share a babysitter so you can get a mani pedi and go to happy hour. She will justify why its ok to feed your child Chick Fil A for dinner when it has been just one of those weeks and who won't blink when you show up for play with your child wearing the Elsa pajama bottoms that they refused to change out of and the pink shoes that they insist on wearing with absolutely everything. 

Where I found mine: the playground at the mall or the Chick Fil A play place because letting your child get all that energy out will make for great naps for all.

The Sympathizing Mom 

This is the mom whose kids have caught everything. She understands better than anyone else what it means to be completely exhausted. She knows exactly how you feel when your baby has reflux or collie and how helpless you feel when they are diagnosed with another ear infection or has yet another cold. She will leave your favorite Starbucks order on your front porch when you tell her your child caught Hand Foot and Mouth at school and you’re in quarantine.

Where I found mine: the pediatrician's office

I am so very thankful to have these women to do motherhood with. It definitely takes a village. I think the hardest part of building that tribe is finding those great mamas to become friends with so tell me, moms, where did you find your best "mom friend?"


  1. My best mom friends came from church, blogging, daycare, and for me work.

  2. Ah I simply love this - so so true! Have a great day! xo

  3. Oooohhhh which one am I!? ;) I love this!!!!

  4. Great post! With the move, I'm totally ready to meet some mom friends on this side of town. I totally relate to the working thing: I worked until Walker was 18 months old and all of my friends were working moms. Then, when I started staying at home, I found a "friend" (who was anything but); and then I found a wonderful one, but she just moved away. My other great friend works part-time and lives about 20 minutes away, and my best friend lives in Houston. SO, I'm ready to find some great girlfriends/mom friends over here!

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